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Thermal mass flow meter for Carbon Dioxide (CO2) gas flow

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a gas that is released after certain processes happen or occur such as production of ammonia and fertilizers, generation of power, and other natural phenomena. Some industries capitalize on CO2 by capturing, cleaning, and storing this in bottle containers for a variety of purposes.

The increase of Carbon Dioxide percentage has been an issue for environmental sectors due to the ongoing discussion about greenhouse effect and global warming.

For this reason, Thermal Mass Flow Meters was designed to measure and recapture the Carbon Dioxide to reduce the greenhouse gas that goes to the atmosphere.

Our in-line or insertion model SRK-100 thermal dispersion gas flow meter is the top of the line when it comes to measuring CO2 which is best suitable for customers who want to manage their CO2 usage. It has different process connection and comes in min 3 mm size. The in-line or insertion type thermal gas flow meter is specifically designed to have a minuscule drop in pressure, high usage cycle, accurate readings which ensure its usability for a long time. It is used by different sectors such as beverage manufacturers, power and energy companies, and other manufacturers.

The Thermal mass flow meter comes in 316 Stainless Steel (Standard) which is ideal for your industrial needs and it has gone through quality control testing to meet the standards.

Here are other practical uses:

  • Measurement of CO2 emission at coal-fired power plant
  • CO2 quantification for beverage companies
  • Extract all crude oil trace at oil wells by introducing CO2 into the soil
  • Convert CO2 as raw material for chemical industry
  • Enhance algae growth to cater nutritional, health and other scientific needs
  • Clean circuits during manufacture of semiconductor
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