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a.Surface thermocouple used for power plant boiler furnace wall, pipe wall and other cylinder surface temperature measurement.
b.Industrial furnace platinum rhodium thermocouple(Pt-Rh thermocouple) , Industrial furnace platinum rhodium thermocouple, reliable quality, testing protection, platinum and rhodium is a traditional temperature measuring element, with the thermoelectric performance and stability, strong oxidation resistance, long-term use temperature of 1600 ℃, short-term use temperature of 1800 ℃. Outside corundum protective sleeve, which is high purity platinum and rhodium alloy wire, so high temperature, temperature measurement accuracy and high accuracy.

Vortex Flow meter
Vortex Flow meter
a.Intelligent Vortex Flow Transducer is piezocrystal built in bluff body to avoid fluid turbulence caused by external type, no zero drift, and high reliability.
b.Medium: hot water, saturated steam ,over heated steam, gas ,water, equip RTD and pressure transmitter to have temperature and pressure compensation for steam measurement.
c.Construction Material: 304 SST
d.Max medium temperature: 350℃

Flow Computer
Flow Computer
a.Suitable for flow (Heat) displaying, calculating and controlling of all kinds of liquids, single or mixed gases and vapor. It is flow rate totalizer.
b.Input multiple flow sensor signals (Such as VSF, Turbine, Electromagnetic, Roots, Elliptical gear, Duplex rotor, Orifice plate,V-cone, Annubar, and Thermal flowmeter, etc.). it is universal flow monitors.
c.Flow totalizer input channel: Receive frequency and multiple current signals.
d.Pressure and temperature input channel: Receive multiple current signals. It is steam/gas flow controller with temperature and pressure compensation calculation.

Paperless recorder
Paperless recorder
a.1-48 channels inputs options
b.Paperless chart recorder can input the standard current, standard voltage, frequency, millivolt, thermocouple, thermal resistance and other signals.
c.Isolated power distribution output of sensors,
d.Relay alarm output, transmitter output, flow accumulation, temperature and pressure compensation, transfer storage of historical data, printing, Ethernet and remote communication.

Temperature Indicator
Temperature Indicator
a.Single-circuit digital display controller provides easy operation with measurement precision of 0.3%;
b.7 types of dimensions available;
c.Double four-digit LED display,
d.Supporting thermocouple, thermal resistance, voltage (extraction operation available), current (extraction operation available), and transducer input;
e.Supporting 2-way alarm, 1-way control output or RS485 communication interface adopting standard MODBUS protocol, 1-way DC24V feed output;

Temperature Controller

Temperature ControllerTemperature Controller
a.Universal Inputs, High accuracy, High speed, Anti-Interference,
b.Control Output: current output, pulse voltage and relay output
c.Max 10 suits programs; each suit contains max 30 segments.

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