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Oil and Diesel Flow Meter

Oil flowmeter is a commonly used liquid flow measuring instrument, especially in high viscosity, dirty medium, easy to condense and easily block, high temperature, low temperature, strong corrosion and other difficult flow conditions. It is widely used in the following measurement objects: petroleum, organic liquids, inorganic liquids, liquefied gases, natural gas, gas and cryogenic fluids. In the custody transfer of foreign liquefied petroleum gas, refined oil and light crude oil, the first and last stations of large crude oil transmission pipelines use oil flow meters for trade settlement.

Diesel flowmeter
To choose a suitable oil flow meter, you need to be aware of the following:

1. Determine the measurement medium: what kind of oil?

2. Types of diesel flow meters

According to the physical properties of the oil fluid, the gas and the liquid are respectively of a gas type flow meter and a liquid type flow meter, and are not universal, so we should choose liquid type oil flow meters as diesel flow meters. Acidic corrosive liquids are acid resistant; we should choose stainless steel material as flow meter wet parts material for acid oil flow measurement.
According to the operation environmental conditions, select the appropriate flow measuring instrument according to the ambient temperature and humidity. If there is an explosive flammable atmosphere around it, select the explosion-proof oil flow sensor.
According to the pipe connection method, the sensor has two installation modes, horizontal and vertical installation. Flange, threaded and clamped connections to the pipe connection during horizontal installation. For the medium diameter, we often choose flange type process connection, for the small diameter and high pressure pipe, we often prefer to choose threaded connection oil flow meters, and the clamped connection is only suitable for low pressure medium and small pipe diameter.

3. Specifications of diesel flow meter

According to the site use conditions, such as flow range, pipe diameter, fluid pressure and temperature, installation position, etc. and performance requirements, such as accuracy, repeatability, display mode, etc., refer to the manufacturer's selection sample or instruction manual to select specific specifications and models.

4. We should be ware what kind of output for the diesel flow meters.

Some customers only need local display, and there is not power source for the flow meters, we can choose oval gear flow meter with mechanical register, this type flow meter can even have totalized register.
But now more and more customers need oil flow meters with 4-20mA output, or pulse output (scaled pulse output or unscaled pulse output) for process control, even Modbus RUT communication. We choose take care of that output or communication requirement for the flow meters.

There are many types of diesel flowmeters, and the quality of products varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Therefore, it is necessary to collect the manufacturer and related standards and compare the data before making a decision.
Commonly used diesel flowmeters include positive displacement flowmeters – oval gear flowmeters, liquid turbine flowmeters, coriolis mass flowmeters, Silver Automation Instruments provide many kinds oil flow meters for different applications , welcome to send your specific inquiry to us , we would love to choose proper type diesel oil flow sensor for your application with cheap price and fantastic performance.
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