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Demanding applications bring change to the flowmeter industry

The Flowmeters demand is increasing with more complex requirements which include specific high accuracy levels flow meter , communication protocol, specific lining used as acid flow meter or sanitary flow meter , and sizes (including mini flow meter or large size flow meters). Various protocols are being supplied based on the networking situations which include Devicenet, Modbus, HART and DP/PA. However, some analog inputs are still available but the competitive markets have made most people go for the latest models. This brings a call of action for the China flow meter manufactures of these flow meter applications to determine the communication protocol.

For instance, you will get that gas flow rate measurement to have their specific demands which largely involves Taking mass flow measurements rather than volumetric flow. Therefore, when it comes to measurements of mass flow multivariable meters or thermal flow meter can come into play. Coriolis can also be used to ensure the measurements are accurately documented but Coriolis mass flow meters are limited to high pressure or large density gas flow measurement, not suitable for all kinds’ gas mass flow measurement. When it comes to measure fluid temperature, volume and pressure the most common aspect that comes into play is multi-variable vortex shedding flow meters.

multi-variable vortex shedding flow meters

Every flow instrument is entitled to certain levels of accuracy depending on the conditions that involve the measurements. It is because of this that Coriolis flowmeter is more preferred because it provides high accuracy,however the price of coreolis flow meter is not cheap. However, when you look analytically at the market demands you will also realize that Differential pressure flow meter and multi-vortex Flowmeters are gaining niche popularity among most users, currently balanced flow meter is a kind of advanced DP flow meters which gained large markets.

However, in such a scenario vortex Flowmeters might not be the most appropriate option because of the condition that for it to work effectively the fluid which is under measurement should be moving at a reasonable speed that is enough to generate vortices. Therefore, chemical industries and pharmaceutical firms most use low flow rates. Positive displacement ,variable area flow meters and Coriolis seem to handle low flow rates very well, Silver Instruments provides rich low flow fluids flow meters for customers.

Escalating requirements

I have provided just a sample list of some Flowmeters but there are many more in the market. Each device comes with specific requirements which include sanitary & hygienic approvals, warranty, line sizes, quality of services and material of constructions. These are some of the requirements that should be brought on board to meet the demand of its applications. However, some requirements are difficult to achieve in some cases. This is because it requires several approvals, particular lining, certain line size, accuracy levels, and specific communication protocols among other requirements.

Some requirements might be optional but that is not always the case because in some cases the requirements are mandatory. Therefore, the intensity of requirements has input pressure on the flow meter suppliers to ensure that customers' needs are being met in various applications. It has made companies focus on efficiency when using these applications because they are intended to meet the customer's needs. However, it has brought competition in the market which implies you need to know what you need and go for it.

 sanitary & hygienic flow meter

Meeting Market Needs

Smaller companies might not be in a position which produces Flow Meters that can meet all the user needs compared to the larger companies. This is because they might not be in a position to meet certain requirements like sanitary and hazardous approvals. Companies that want to market their products should make significant investments in testing and materials used to gain regional approvals. Some companies have made some partnerships to be in a position to be given authentication to trade in other countries.

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