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What is the disadvantage of turbine flow meters?

a. Turbine flow meter cannot maintain the high accuracy for long time during using, regular calibration is required. Turbine flow sensor bearing wear and jamming problems could easy happen for non-lubricating liquids, the liquid contains suspended solids or abrasive liquids. For custody transfer flow measurement, turbine flow meters need regular calibration in the field.
b. Turbine flow meter is not suitable for high-viscosity liquid flow measurement; viscous liquid can increase the lower limit of the flow meter range, narrow the flow range and deteriorates the linearity of turbine flow meter.
c. Fluid density and viscosity have a great influence on turbine flow meter; Density affects gas turbine flow meter, and viscosity affects liquid turbine flow meter; Density and viscosity is related with fluids temperature and pressure, for gas turbine flow meters to obtain high accuracy measurement, temperature and pressure compensation and correction are needed.
d. The turbine flow meter is greatly affected by the distortion of the incoming flow velocity distribution and the rotating flow, and the straight pipe section required for the upstream and downstream of the flow sensor.
e. Turbine flow meter can only measure clean liquid or gas volume flow rate and total flow, such as clean water, diesel, alcohol, natural gas,N2 .,etc. Turbine flow sensor cannot measure dirty fluids flow rate.
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