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The Investigations and Brief Explanation for Some Problems of Using Turbine Flow Meter

The investigations and explanation for some problems of using the turbine flow meter: when using the turbine flow meter, you should keep measured liquid clean. The liquid can not be contained the impurities like fiber and particle. You should slowly pour some liquid into the sensor and then open the outlet valve when using the turbine flow sensor. After that, you should start the valve of outlet. It is forbidden to lash the turbine flow sensor with high velocity when the sensor does not have any liquid . The maintenance intervals of flow sensor generally last for half a year. When you are checking and cleaning turbine flow meter, you have to pay attention not to destroy the measuring parts. Especially, when impeller is being assembled, the position between the guide and the impeller should be good.

The selection for types of turbine liquid meter

The matched filter should be washed at regular intervals. When you do not use it, you should clean the internal fluid. And then, the filter should  be equipped with dirt—proof boot in order to prevent the dust from entering,  which is just like what sensor does. After that, you should place it in a dry place. The turbine flow meter sensor or overhead transmission cable can be buried. Before installation, the sensor isconnected with display instrument or oscilloscope. After it is electrified, you can use mouth to blow or hand to pull the rapid rotation of the impeller to observe whether it is shown or not. When it works, you can install the sensor.
The dirty fluid or the liquid which may produce the gas during the measurement of turbine flow meter will cause the failure or error of turbine flow sensor in bad working conditions. So it makes indication go wrong directly. The error can be positive or negative. It may not be obvious or it may be completely invalid. If you are measuring the contrast on a regular basis, you will suspect the failure of turbine flow meter when you find indicator value of turbine flow meter is too small under the same differential pressure.

When checking the turbine flow meter, you should check the transmitter first. If there is no other reason, you should discharge the turbine flow meter from the pipeline of process and have a further detailed inspection. On the basis of the reasons of turbine flow meter and the working experience on the spot, at the initial stage of installing the flow meter, you should set a pair of pressure measuring points to the pipe wall which has 2 times diameter in the upstream and downstream. When it is needed, they should be connected with the differential pressure meter. And the contrast between the indicated value of the turbine flow meter and the differential pressure gauge is recorded under the working conditions.

The turbine gas meter is one kind of turbine flow meters. Its operational principle is to acquire the revolution of turbine through a mechanical or electromagnetic induction method. After that, it gets the flow of turbine gas meter. In the process, the gas guides fluid to enter the turbine flow meter at a faster rate. The accelerated gas acts on the vanes of the turbine through an inlet passage, and the momentum of the gas will cause the turbine flow meter to rotate in the flow path. In a given range of flow, the speed of the turbine is proportional to the volume of the flow through the gas.

At ambient conditions, it is also important to think about the surrounding environment when you select the turbine flow meter. It is for providing a good working environment for turbine flow meter, and also for raising its stability and working life. If there is no indication, you should check each part of the flow meter to eliminate the trouble. When measuring the presence of impurities in the fluid, it is necessary to add a filter. The mesh of the filter is determined by the impurities of flow.

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