Resistance Thermometer Detector Overview

Generally, electrical resistance of metal varies depending on the temperature. Platinum in particular is more linear and has a higher temperature coefficient than most other metals. Then Resistance Thermometer detector (RTD) manufacture makes platinum rtd temperature sensor for temperature measurements. Platinum RTD has excellent properties chemically and physically. Industrial high purity elements are readily obtained which can be sued over a long period of time as the resistance element for RTD sensor temperature measurement.

Mineral Insulated Resistance Thermometer Sensor (sheathed RTDs) is so constructed that conductors and temperature elements are surrounded by inorganic insulation (MgO) within a stainless steel or heat resisting steel sheath. Using sensor rtd, a wide variety of applications is available. Compared with general-purpose (protection tube type) resistance thermometer sensor (RTD), this mineral insulated resistance thermometer sensor offers many advantages.

Resistance Thermometer Detector Types

Nominal Resistance Value at°C


Measuring Current




Below 2mA