Gas Flow Meter

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  • Diffusive Silicon Level TransmitterDiffusive Silicon Level Transmitter2017/04/13SHLT02 Diffusive Silicon Series level transmitters is hydrostatic level transmitter. They are the extension and development of pressure transmitter technology. According to the principle that the liqu...view
  • SLH Series Insertion Type Ultrasonic Flow MeterSLH Series Insertion Type Ultrasonic Flow Meter2018/06/22SLH Series Insertion type ultrasonic flow meter consists of the transmitter and insertion transducer. Install the transducer by opening two holes on the pipeline. No need to cutoff water by using the ...view
  • Flanged Mounted Diaphragm Seal Pressure GaugeFlanged Mounted Diaphragm Seal Pressure Gauge2018/12/04Diaphragm seal pressure gauge is designed, manufactured, and factory tested to maximize performance, increase pressure gauge application durability, and assure operator safety.view
  • Liquid Turbine Flow MeterLiquid Turbine Flow Meter2017/04/12Liquid Turbine flow meter is a kind of low cost digital flow meter for diesel ,petrol,water,palm oil. it is for clean, low viscosity ,non-corrosive liquid.view
  • SX 2000 Paperless RecorderSX 2000 Paperless Recorder2017/04/12Monochrome paperless recorder has 1-4 channel universal inputs.3.5 inch size. Low cost paperless graphic recorders. Get the Price now.view
  • Stainless Steel Pressure GaugeStainless Steel Pressure Gauge2017/04/26Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge OverviewStainless steel pressure gauges are widely applied in the fields of petroleum, chemicals, chemical fiber, metallurgy, power plants, etc. the stainless steel indu...view