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  • Digital produce water flow meterDigital produce water flow meter2019/04/22Flow meter: type turbine flow meterService: produce waterSize/connection : 4 in / RF flange produce water flow meterRange 100 - 800 gpm, Material body 316 ss or equal, Flow rate: min 150 gpm, normal ...view
  • Advantages and disadvantages of Coriolis mass flowmeterAdvantages and disadvantages of Coriolis mass flowmeter2019/04/15After the Coriolis mass flowmeter was put into market, although the price was high, it replaced the some applications of volume flowmeter, the velocity flowmeter, the differential pressure (DP flow me...view
  • When we choose remote convertor for mag meter ?When we choose remote convertor for mag meter ?2019/04/03The measuring principle of magnetic flowmeter is based on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. It is mainly used to measure the volumetric flow rate of liquid medium with a conductivity of >...view
  • How to choose a proper type caustic soda flow meter?How to choose a proper type caustic soda flow meter?2019/03/28Date:2019-03-28Caustic soda, thechemical formula is NaOH, commonly known as sodium hydroxide, caustic soda, isa kind of aggressive alkali with strong corrosivity.Caustic soda ishighly corrosive. If yo...view
  • How to choose compressed air flow meter ?How to choose compressed air flow meter ?2019/03/18Compressed air isn't free!Compressed air is actually the most costly form of energy in plants and takes up to 20% of the overall energy costs, so many factories start to monitor and control of compres...view
  • Magnetic flow meters develop fastMagnetic flow meters develop fast2019/03/12OverviewMagnetic Flowmeters have been in the market for over 50 years. They are widely used for the measurement of the liquids such as water, sewage, chemical solution.,etc. The mag meters were first ...view
  • Why magnetic flow meter is so popular?Why magnetic flow meter is so popular?2019/02/15OverviewThe latest research done by the Flow Research, Inc has it that the magnetic flow meters are now the leading revenue earners in the world ahead of other competitors such s the Coriolis meter, t...view
  • Turbine flow meters (TUF) used in Oil and Gas industry fieldTurbine flow meters (TUF) used in Oil and Gas industry field2019/02/07Ways in which producers can acquire a precisely detailed and accurate flow data.It`s a recurring challenge maintaining an equilibrium between operations, maintenance and keeping to standards and regul...view
  • What factors affect electromagnetic flow meter price?What factors affect electromagnetic flow meter price?2019/01/23The magmeter’s flow sensor is installed intothe closed pipelines and measures an induced voltage produced by the conductiveliquid as it passes through the pipeline, the electromagnetic flow transmitt...view
  • Gas flow meter priceGas flow meter price2019/01/22Gas flow meter is a kind of gas measuring instruments which measure the gas or air flow rate in a closed pipeline. We often need to measure natural gas, biogas, LPG gas,CO2,compressed air,N2,fuel gas ...view
  • Paperless recorder overview and developmentPaperless recorder overview and development2019/01/20Paperless Recorders - Industry AnalysisThe global data acquisition market isexpected to grow significantly over the next five years. North America accountsfor the largest share of the global market. T...view
  • What is thermal mass flow meter?What is thermal mass flow meter?2019/01/17If you have ever lived in a coldenvironment at any point in your life then you are most probably familiar witha wind chill. When the temperature of your body is cooler than the ambient airtemperature ...view
  • Gas mass flow meterGas mass flow meter2019/01/11Digital gas mass flow meters are designed for natural gas, hydrogen gas, LPG gas, propane gas, biogas, N2, and so on in closed pipeline. Silver Automation Instruments supplies accurate and low price g...view
  • Digital gas flowmeterDigital gas flowmeter2019/01/09Digital gas turbine flowmeterWorking principleThe gas flowS through the flow meter sensor pushes theturbine blades to rotate. The number of revolutions of the impeller isproportional to the volume of ...view
  • How to install and use of oval gear flowmeter ?How to install and use of oval gear flowmeter ?2019/01/04Installation of Oval gear flowmeter1. Users should clean the pipeline beforeinstallation the oval gear flowmeter. If the liquid contains solid particles, afilter must be installed in the upstream of t...view