Diesel Flow Meter

A diesel flow meter is a flow meter measured using a turbine. It first converts the velocity to the speed of the turbine, and then converts the speed into an electrical signal proportional to the flow rate. The flow meter is used to detect the instantaneous flow and total accumulated flow, and its output signal is frequency, and it is easy to digitize. The induction coil and the permanent magnet are fixed together on the shell. When the ferromagnetic turbine blade passes through the magnet, the magnetic resistance of the magnetic circuit changes, which produces the induction signal. The signal is amplified and shaped by the amplifier and sent to the counter or the frequency meter to show the total accumulated flow rate. At the same time, the pulse frequency is converted to indicate the instantaneous flow through the frequency voltage. The speed of the impeller is proportional to the flow rate, and the number of the impeller is proportional to the amount of flow passing through the impeller. The output of the turbine flow meter is a frequency modulated signal, which not only improves the anti-interference of the detection circuit, but also simplifies the flow detection system. It has a range of 10 to 1, with a precision of less than 0.2%. The time constant of a small inertial and small turbine flow meter can reach 0.01 seconds.

The heavy diesel flow meter is a capacitive target flow meter. The heavy diesel flow meter uses a special material force sensor, and the heavy diesel flow sensor can be used as other flow meters. Heavy diesel flow meters are widely used in many factories. The heavy diesel flow meter is characterized by small pressure loss, wide range and high accuracy. It is almost independent of the density, pressure, temperature and viscosity of the flow.

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