N2 Flow Meter

The nitrogen flowmeter is made under the principle of Carmen vortex street. It has the advantages of high measurement precision, wide range, low power consumption, convenient installation, simple operation and low pressure loss, etc. The measured volume flow or standard volume flow (integrated intelligent temperature, pressure compensation) can be measured and the output of attached pulse or 4 to 20 mADC current can be achieved, according to the needs of users. It is an ideal nitrogen meter at present.

The working principle of the nitrogen flow meter is to vertically insert a column obstacle in the fluid pipe, and vortex will take place alternately at the rear part (relative to the direction of fluid flow). The vortex formed when fluid flows downstream is called Carmen vortex street. We define the column obstacle as vortex generating body. Under certain conditions, there is a linear relationship between the separation frequency of the vortex and the flow velocity of the fluid. Therefore, as long as the frequency of vortex separation is detected, the flow rate or the mass of the fluid in the pipe can be calculated.

The nitrogen flow meter not only controls the nitrogen flow more precisely in order to save cost, but also avoids large flow of nitrogen which results in the lack of heat. Meanwhile, it enables us to know the exact amount of nitrogen output.

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