Fuel Flow Meter

The fuel flow meter, also known as the turbine flow meter, is the main type of the speed flow meter. A free rotating impeller is installed in the fluid flowing pipeline. When the fluid passes through, the kinetic energy makes the impeller rotate. The larger the fluid velocity, the greater the kinetic energy, and the higher the impeller speed. The flow rate of the fluid can, therefore be determined by measuring the speed of the impeller.

Fuel flow meter is also a kind of speed flow meter, and the main type of the impeller flow meter. It applies the proportional relation between the rotation speed of the impeller and the fluid flow rate, so the flow rate is determined through measuring the impeller speed. The turbine flow meter, characterized with high accuracy, low pressure loss, high pressure resistance, is widely used in the flow measurement of petroleum, organic liquid, inorganic liquid, liquefied gas, natural gas, gas and cryogenic fluid. With the development of electronic technology and its application in the instrument industry, new turbine flow meters such as the plug-in turbine flow meter and the fiber turbine flow meter, have emerged. The range of turbine flow meter is larger than ever before and it has achieved the two-way measurement, which contributes to its bright prospect.
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