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Natural gas flow meter

Natural gas flow meter price is often been asked by our customers, Silver Automation Instruments sell different natural gas flow meter types and we always choose a proper type gas flow sensors for customers, the main natural gas flow meter is Thermal mass flow meter, turbine flow meter, Vortex Flow meters.
what we supply flow instruments are all digital gas flow meter, Coriolis flow meters and thermal mass flow meters are gas mass flow meters.

What is natural Gas ?

Natural gas is a general term for hydrocarbon-based mixed gas existing in underground rock reservoirs. Its specific gravity is about 0.65, lighter than air, and it is colorless, odorless and non-toxic.
Natural gas is mainly composed of alkanes, of which methane is the majority, and a small amount of ethane, propane and butane, in addition to hydrogen sulfide, CO2, nitrogen and water, and a small amount of CO and traces of rare gases such as helium and argon. Thiol and thiophane is added to the natural gas before it is sent to the end user, in order to facilitate leak detection.
Natural gas is insoluble in water, with a density of 0.7174 kg/Nm3, a relative density (water) of 0.45 (liquefaction), a burning point (°C) of 650, and an explosion limit (V%) of 5-15. Natural gas is one of the safer gas. It does not contain carbon monoxide (CO) and is lighter than air. Once leaked, it will immediately spread upwards and will not accumulate to form explosive gas. The safety is relatively higher than other fuel gas. However our natural gas flow meter has excellent tightness, cannot leak any natural gas from our flow sensor.

Benefits to Use Natural Gas

1.  Using natural gas as an energy source can reduce the amount of coal and oil, thus greatly improving environmental pollution; as a clean energy source, natural gas can reduce SO2 and dust emissions by nearly 100%, reduce CO2 emissions by 60% and nitrogen oxide emissions 50%, and help reduce the formation of acid rain, soothe the global warming effect, and fundamentally improve the quality of the environment. This is why in recent years, Natural gas flow transmitters are frequently requested by our customers due to it many advantages.
2.  As a fuel for automobiles, natural gas has the advantages of high unit heat value, low exhaust pollution, reliable supply and low price. It has become the development direction of clean fuel for the world, and natural gas vehicles have become the fastest growing and most used new ones.
3.  Natural gas is a clean and environmentally friendly high-quality energy source. It contains almost no sulfur, dust and other harmful substances. It produces less CO2 than other fossil fuels when burned, resulting in a low greenhouse effect, which can fundamentally improve the environmental quality.
4.  Natural gas is clean, which can prolong the service life of the cooker and also help the user to reduce the maintenance cost. Natural gas is clean gas, stable supply, and can improve air quality, thus providing new impetus to the economic development of the region, driving economic prosperity and improving the environment.
5.  Natural gas is non-toxic, easy to disperse, lighter than air, and should not accumulate into explosive gas. It is a safer gas. Silver Automation Instruments still equips Explosion proof for all natural gas flow meters for safety consideration.

Silver Automation Instruments sell Natural Gas Flow Meter

We supply digital gas flow meters from China manufactures in low price, all natural gas flow meters are with digital display, and it has 4-20mA output and RS485 communication upon request. SGW-B series Gas turbine flow meter is battery powered natural gas flow meters for the application when main power is not available.

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