Air Flow Meter Sensor

Air flow meter sensor, also known as air flow meter, is one of the most important sensors of the electric jet engine. It converts inhaled air flow into electrical signals which are then conveyed to the electrical control unit (ECU). As one of the basic signals which determine the gasoline injection, it is a sensor that measures the air flow inhaled into the engine.

In order to get the mixed gas with best concentration in various operation conditions, the electronic control gasoline injection engine must correctly measure the instant inhaled air volume -- the main basis for ECU calculation. If the air flow sensor or circuit fails, the ECU can not get the correct signal. As a result, it cannot control the injection volume normally, which will cause the concentration of the mixed gas to be too thick or too thin, and cause the failure of the engine. There are many kinds of air flow sensors for electronically controlled gasoline injection system. The most commonly seen sensors can be divided into blade (flange) type, core type, hot wire type, hot film type, Carmen scroll type and so on.

For the electronic control fuel injection device, the air flow sensor which measures the inhaled air volume, is one of the most important components that determine the precision of the engine. When the precision of the air-fuel ratio (A/F, the ratio of inhaled air and the mixed gas) meets the requirement of ±1.0 and the allowable error of the system is ±6[%]~7[%], the allowable error of the air flow sensor will be ±2[%]~3[%] since the allowable error is distributed to different components.

The ratio of the maximum value and minimum value (max/min) of the air flow in the gasoline engine is 40 to 50 in the natural intake system, and 60 to 70 in the pressurised system. In this range, the air flow sensor should be able to maintain the measurement accuracy of ±2~3[%]. The air flow sensor used in electronic control fuel injection device should keep the measurement accuracy on a wide range, and also be able to measure the pulsating air flow with simple output signal process.
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