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Acid resistant flow meters

Flow meters recommended for use with acids or chemically aggressive liquids. Silver Automation Instruments supplies acid resistant flow meters to measure the flow of strong hot corrosive acids like sulfuric acid (H2SO4), sour gas (H2S) and hydrochloric acid (HCl). The combination of PTFE or PFA liner with Pt/Iridium Alloy electrodes magnetic flow meter solves this problem and creates the most corrosion resistant flow meters available to industry.
Besides we can also supply metal tube rotameter with PTFE material which can also measure corrosive acid fluids.

Magnetic flow meter for acid measurement

acid mag flow meter
  1. Based on Faraday’s low of induction
  2. PFA or PTFE liner and Pt/Iridium Alloy electrodes for strong corrosive medium
  3. Digital acid flow meter with display to show instant flow and total flow
  4. 4-20mA outputs and pulse outputs for process control
  5. RS485 or Hart Protocol available
  6. Option with stainless steel housing material

PTFE material metal tube rotameter

metal tube rotameter for acid flow
  1. Wet parts material is PTFE for acid flow measurement purpose
  2. Local display and option with output such as 4-20mA 
  3. Option with digital display to show instant flow and total flow
  4. Relay outputs for alarm purpose 
  5. Hart Protocol option