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Flow Meter

Digital hot water flow meter

  • Digital hot water flow meter
  • In-line type water flow sensor
  • Max water temperature:
Vortex shedding flow meter: 350 ℃
Turbine flow meter: 150 ℃
Electromagnetic flow meter: 200  ℃
  • Output: 4~20mA or pulse output
  • Communication: MODBUS RTU, Hart option
  • Power supply: Battery 3.6V lithium, 220VAC or 24V DC
  • Variable process connection option: wafer, thread, flange or insertion type hot water meter
  • Digital type hot water flow meter with display to show instant flow or total flow
  • Electromagnetic flow meter has GPRS communication option

Silver Automation Instruments is a Chinese hot water meter supplier with low price and robust quality; we supply different hot digital water flow meter types for domestic water or industry water flow measurement.

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