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coriolis flow meter accuracy

SH-CMF series Coriolis flow meter provided 0.1~0.2% accuracy of mass flow measurement, this type high accuracy flow meter is now frequently requested and purchased recently years.  Coriolis meter is a major advance in mass flow measurement; it can take fluids mass flow, temperature and density measurement by one flow sensor.

When talking about Coriolis flow meters accuracy, we should take attention to 3 factors:

  • Mass flow accuracy
  • Temperature accuracy
  • Density accuracy

Let’s see below three images for SH-CMF  mss flow meter accuracy excellent performance.

Coriolis  flow meter Mass flow accuracy

Instant Flow Accuracy: ±0.2%, flow ± [(zero stability/flow value) ×100 ]%

Flow response time: 1 second (adjustable)
coriolis flow meter accuracy

Density measurement accuracy

Density Accuracy: ±0.002g/cm³(liquid)

Density Range:0.5~2.5 g/cm³
coriolis meter density accuracy

Temperature measurement accuracy

Temperature Accuracy: ±1 °C
coriolis meter temperature accuracy


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