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  • Digital produce water flow meterDigital produce water flow meter2019/04/22Flow meter: type turbine flow meterService: produce waterSize/connection : 4 in / RF flange produce water flow meterRange 100 - 800 gpm, Material body 316 ss or equal, Flow rate: min 150 gpm, normal ...view
  • What factors affect electromagnetic flow meter price?What factors affect electromagnetic flow meter price?2019/01/23The magmeter’s flow sensor is installed intothe closed pipelines and measures an induced voltage produced by the conductiveliquid as it passes through the pipeline, the electromagnetic flow transmitt...view
  • Gas flow meter priceGas flow meter price2019/01/22Gas flow meter is a kind of gas measuring instruments which measure the gas or air flow rate in a closed pipeline. We often need to measure natural gas, biogas, LPG gas,CO2,compressed air,N2,fuel gas ...view
  • How to get Low cost Paperless Recorder?How to get Low cost Paperless Recorder?2018/12/11Paperless electronic chart recorder come equipped with rich recording formats and display functions which is widely used in industry. How to get a low cost paperless recorder?view
  • 3 inch flow meter?3 inch flow meter?2018/11/183 inch flow meter can be gas flowmeter, water flow meter ,oil flow meter or steam flow meter, for different kinds application ,we recommend different type 3 inch flow meter.view
  • Coriolis Flow meter price CostCoriolis Flow meter price Cost2018/11/16Coriolis meter is in high market price, especially for Micro motion coriolis series. Customers are always searching for the low cost coriolis mass flow meter manufacturers in China as cheaper alternativeview
  • Ultrasonic Level meter PriceUltrasonic Level meter Price2018/11/08this article is telling us the price cost of ultrasonic level meter from China manufacture.view
  • Process Instruments used in Poultry IndustryProcess Instruments used in Poultry Industry2018/07/30Below is a reference application which process instruments used in Poultry Industry. Let’s see the case how we choose instruments to measure liquid flow, gas flow, also temperature and pressure infor...view
  • Coriolis Mass Flow Meter Sensor InstallationCoriolis Mass Flow Meter Sensor Installation2018/06/16I.Normal Installation, Medium/ Large Scale Coriolis Mass Flow Meter, It is recommended to release and empty the gas that possibly stored in the pipeline of the Coriolis Mass Flow Meters before instal...view
  • Coriolis Mass Flow Meters RS 485 RTU Communication ProtocolCoriolis Mass Flow Meters RS 485 RTU Communication Protocol2018/06/14Silver Automation Instruments is China supplier for SH-CMF Series Coriolis Mass Flow meters. Both the price and quality has its advantages. And below is information for Coriolis Mass Flowmeter RS 485 ...view
  • Where Thermal Mass Gas Flow Meter Are Used ?Where Thermal Mass Gas Flow Meter Are Used ?2018/06/13Thermal mass flow meters are meters that measure the flow of gases using the principle of thermal diffusion. The sensor consists of two reference-grade RTDs. One is a speed sensor RH, and the other is...view
  • π Type Pipe Ultrasonic flow meter Product Update Advance Noticeπ Type Pipe Ultrasonic flow meter Product Update Advance Notice2018/06/06Notice: Our Company will launch a π Type Pipe Ultrasonic flow sensor starting from October 2018 to replace the existing π Type Pipe Ultrasonic flow meter.After the launch of the new π Type Pipe Ult...view
  • 5000 nos Pressure Gauges orders5000 nos Pressure Gauges orders2017/04/20Our company received pressure gauge production orders-a total of more than 5000 nos industrial pressure gauge. The order comes from Sinopec Group.China Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec Group) is a s...view
  • Finish All-in one Certificates Registering.Finish All-in one Certificates Registering.2017/04/13Congratulations to our company to complete the registering of “All-in one” Certificates, “All-in one” Certificates means integrate the business license, the organization code certificate, and the ...view
  • National Pressure Gauge Association Experts Visits Our FactoryNational Pressure Gauge Association Experts Visits Our Factory2014/05/29National Pressure Gauge Association experts come to visit our factory; nearly 18 members participate in our factory visiting. Our company is one of the earliest production pressure instrument manufact...view