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  • Ultrasonic Sensors and Blanking DistanceUltrasonic Sensors and Blanking Distance2018/11/09An ultrasonic sensor is mounted on a large tank. Ultrasonic sensors are a little farsighted. By nature of the technology, most do not measure surfaces that are within a few inches of the transducer fa...view
  • 26GHz Pulse Radar Level Meter Wiring26GHz Pulse Radar Level Meter Wiring2018/11/01Electrical Connectionl Power supply (4~20mA) /HART(2 wire)The power supply and output signal using the same cable, specified power supply refer to technical data; for Intrinsically safe type radar ...view
  • Ultrasonic Level meter and Radar level Meter ComparisonUltrasonic Level meter and Radar level Meter Comparison2018/11/01Both Ultrasonic level meter and Radar level meters are widely used to measure liquids or solids level, and Silver Automation Instruments would love to write this article mainly talking about the comparison of the two level sensors.view
  • Advantage of Radar Level MeterAdvantage of Radar Level Meter2018/08/08The radar level meters which are supplied by Silver Automation Instruments are suitable for non-contact continuous measurement of liquid, slurry, powder, solids, mud level measurement. Even when the w...view
  • Water Level Sensor and Pressure Sensor ApplicationWater Level Sensor and Pressure Sensor Application2018/08/06Silver Automation Instruments provide cheap cost water level sensor and pressure sensor, not only the price is low, but also the quality is stable. And here is an application which customer wants low ...view
  • Malt Level TransmitterMalt Level Transmitter2018/07/24We choose different kinds level meters according to different applications, the level sensors could be used in open tank, some in sealed tank, some in open lake level measurement, some in extremely hi...view
  • Radar Level Meter Used in Ore solids Level MeasurementRadar Level Meter Used in Ore solids Level Measurement2018/07/18Radar level meter is widely used in level process control, it can measure water level on lake applications, gasoline level, paste level, syrup level, mud level even medium with bubbles. Some of the me...view
  • 26G Radar Level Meter Mounting Requirement26G Radar Level Meter Mounting Requirement2017/05/09Preparation before installationFollowing points need to be paid attention to:--Enough space needs to be reserved--Avoid strong vibration space--Following installation requirements need be complied* In...view
  • Ultrasonic Level Meter InstallationUltrasonic Level Meter Installation2017/04/14Reasonable installation is critical factor of the instrument’s normal working.Installation considerationsGeneral Installation must be carried out by trained person in accordance with the manual.The t...view
  • Ultrasonic Level Meter PROFIBUS-DP CommunicationUltrasonic Level Meter PROFIBUS-DP Communication1970/01/01Technical Specification PROFIBUS-DP/V0 protocol, meets the PROFIBUS specification---the third part of the GB/T20540-2006 Digital data communication for measurement and control Field bus for use in ind...view
  • Ultrasonic Level Meter Trouble-shootingUltrasonic Level Meter Trouble-shooting1970/01/01Trouble PhenomenonTrouble ReasonSolutionThe instrument does not show, and does not work.Power supply error.Wiring error.Check the power supply.Check the wiring.The instrument doesn’t work but with sh...view