Level measurement

  • Ultrasonic Level Meter InstallationUltrasonic Level Meter Installation2017/04/14Reasonable installation is critical factor of the instrument’s normal working.Installation considerationsGeneral Installation must be carried out by trained person in accordance with the manual.The t...view
  • Ultrasonic Level Meter PROFIBUS-DP CommunicationUltrasonic Level Meter PROFIBUS-DP Communication1970/01/01Technical Specification PROFIBUS-DP/V0 protocol, meets the PROFIBUS specification---the third part of the GB/T20540-2006 Digital data communication for measurement and control Field bus for use in ind...view
  • Ultrasonic Level Meter Trouble-shootingUltrasonic Level Meter Trouble-shooting1970/01/01Trouble PhenomenonTrouble ReasonSolutionThe instrument does not show, and does not work.Power supply error.Wiring error.Check the power supply.Check the wiring.The instrument doesn’t work but with sh...view
  • Ultrasonic Sensors and Blanking DistanceUltrasonic Sensors and Blanking Distance1970/01/01An ultrasonic sensor is mounted on a large tank. Ultrasonic sensors are a little farsighted. By nature of the technology, most do not measure surfaces that are within a few inches of the transducer fa...view