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  • How to Select a Thermocouple?How to Select a Thermocouple?2018/12/20What is thermocouple? A thermocouple is a junction between two different metals that produces a voltage related to a temperature difference. When two wires composed of dissimilar metals are joined at ...view
  • General Description of China thermocouples DevelopmentGeneral Description of China thermocouples Development2018/09/30Thermocouples are the most commonly used industrial temperature sensors. They are electrical circuits made of two different metals that are made according to the thermoelectric effect.The thermocouple...view
  • What’s the difference between RTD and Thermocouple?What’s the difference between RTD and Thermocouple?2017/04/27What is the difference between and a resistance temperature detector (RTD) and a thermocouple? Both RTDs and thermocouples are sensors used to measure heat in scales such as Fahrenheit and Kelvin. Su...view
  • Why we use Temperature Transmitter?Why we use Temperature Transmitter?2017/04/27To establish a temperature measurement system, electronic temperature instrument needs to be wired to control system . RTD and thermocouple can be directly connected to control system I/O card or thro...view
  • 2, 3 or 4 wire RTDs?2, 3 or 4 wire RTDs?2017/04/27A simple rule of thumb is that the more wires an RTD has the more accurate it is. The entire RTD assembly is not platinum. Among other issues, constructing an RTD in that manner would for most purpose...view
  • Feature Of RTDFeature Of RTD2017/04/27A platinum RTD probe has the features as follow comparing with a thermocouple probe.1. The platinum RTD probe has a big advantage on measuring temperature similar to room temperature because resistanc...view
  • How do RTDs Work?How do RTDs Work?2017/04/14RTDs work on a basic correlation between metals and temperature. As the temperature of a metal increases, the metal's resistance to the flow of electricity increases. Similarly, as the temperature of ...view
  • Grounded ,Ungrounded and Exposed ThermocouplesGrounded ,Ungrounded and Exposed Thermocouples2017/04/14Grounded ThermocouplesThe junction of the two dissimilar metals that interfaces with the target medium, the sensing junction, is enclosed in a sheath called a probe. A grounded thermocouple is one whe...view
  • Common Components of an RTD?Common Components of an RTD?2017/04/141. RTD platinum resistance element: This is the actual temperature sensing portion of the RTD. Elements range in length from 1/8" to 3". There are many options. The standard temperature coefficient is...view
  • Bimetallic Thermometers IntroductionBimetallic Thermometers Introduction2017/04/14IntroductionBimetallic thermometers are made up of bimetallic strips formed by joining two different metals having different thermal expansion coefficients. Basically, bimetallic strip is a mechanical...view
  • HOW TO SELECT A BIMETAL THERMOMETERS ?HOW TO SELECT A BIMETAL THERMOMETERS ?2017/04/14When selecting a bimetal thermometer, consideration must be given to the following factors: WarningSelection of the appropriate instrument is the sole responsibility of the user. Improper application ...view
  • Basic Knowledge of ThermocoupleBasic Knowledge of Thermocouple2017/04/14Thermocouple is a temperature sensing element, a kind of instrument which can measure temperature directly and turn temperature signal to emf signal, and transformed into the temperature of the measur...view
  • Temperature Element InstrumentTemperature Element Instrument1970/01/01There are several temperature element instrument types widely used to measure temperature of a process substance . These types are categorized into mechanical temperature element and electronic temper...view