Pressure Instruments

  • Selection and Maintenance of the Pressure GaugesSelection and Maintenance of the Pressure Gauges2018/07/27Pressure gauges are common process control pressure instruments. China now has a lot pressure gauge manufactures provide low cost also robust pressure gauges which are now widely bought by the buyers ...view
  • Industrial Pressure Gauge Model Selection ReferenceIndustrial Pressure Gauge Model Selection Reference2018/07/25Diaphragm pressure gauge is suitable for measuring the pressure of liquid, gas or granular solid medium with high viscosity, high corrosively, easy crystallization, or high temp. Isolating diaphragm i...view
  • Tips for choosing diaphragm seal for a pressure gauge or Pressure transmitterTips for choosing diaphragm seal for a pressure gauge or Pressure transmitter2017/04/27Modern process manufacturing procedures demand ever greater accuracy and reliability from their pressure measuring instruments and in some applications, where there are chemical or hygiene considerati...view
  • Selecting a Pressure GaugeSelecting a Pressure Gauge2017/04/141. ACCURACYFor a mechanical pressure gauge, 、General Industrial Processes: 1.0% accuracy. Less Critical Commercial Uses: 2.0% accuracy.2. DIAL SIZEPressure gauge dial sizes range we offer from 60mmt ...view
  • Different types of PressureDifferent types of Pressure2017/04/14Pressure is the amount of force acting per unit area. As to the units of pressure measurements, PSI ( pounds per square inch), bar and other units of measure such as kg/cm2, inH2O, mmHg, Pa are common...view