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Radar tank level sensors

Radar tank level sensors

  • Hydrostatic liquid level sensor

    Hydrostatic liquid level sensor

    Hydrostatic level transmitter;For water, oil or corrosive liquid level measurement;Range: 0-100 m level;4-20mA,HART ,Mod...

  • Ultrasonic Level Meter

    Ultrasonic Level Meter

    Ultrasonic Level Meter OverviewHL Ultrasonic level meter is non contact liquid level sensor for liquids and solids level...


These transmitters allow the level measurement of liquids, gases and bulk solids in a metal container or tank. The tank top is the site of their installation. The transmitter sends the radio waves to the surface of matter i.e liquid or gas inside the tank. The waves are reflected back from the surface due to the higher frequency. These waves are in turn received back by the sensor and the time lag is used to calculate the level.


A number of commercial industries used this technology for the measurement of different levels especially liquid and gas levels. Oil and gas industries, food industry, mining industry, food refrigeration plants, wastewater management and other corrosive and petrochemical industries use the radar tank level sensors to calculate the levels. The medical field and off-highway vehicles also find the use of this transmitter. However, this tank level is only applicable to metallic tanks, unlike ultrasonic level sensors that can use plastic tanks also.


  • 1- Simple and easy installation to the tank.
  • 2- Precise measurement of the level of different stated of matter including liquid, gas and bulk solids.
  • 3- A high range of distance can be measured.

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