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Ultrasonic level sensor with RS485

Ultrasonic level sensor with RS485

HLVR series digital ultrasonic liquid level sensor with RS485 communication, MODBUS-RTU protocol, can read real-time data such as instrument liquid level temperature through the master computer, read and write various custom tags, modify sensor parameters and so on. The liquid level sensor is compact and economical level measuring device. Protection class for the ultrasonic liquid level sensor is IP68.

Technical Specifications

Range :( Liquid level measurement)
HLVR4:  0.00~4.00m (Dead zone 0.20m)
HLVR6:  0.00~6.00m (Dead zone 0.25m)
HLVR8:  0.00~8.00m (Dead zone 0.30m)
HLVR12:  0.00~12.00m (Dead zone 0.50m)
HLVR20:  0.00~20.00m (Dead zone 0.80m)
HLVR30:  0.00~30.00m (Dead zone 1.20m)
Remarks: For liquid level with strong fluctuations and liquid volatility, also solid level measurement, the effective range is about 50% of the above data.
Accuracy: 0.2% of actual range (in air, calm liquid surface, standard signal strength)
Output resolution: 1mm
Output mode: RS485 standard level
Protocol: MODBUS-RTU
Input power: DC3.5~5v ,DC9~12V ,DC 20~32V
Temperature compensation: full range automatic
Working temperature: -35 ° C ~ +75 ° C
Pressure range: -0.1MP to +0.2MP (relative to standard atmospheric pressure)
Sound beam angle: 8° (3db)
Detection period: 1.5 seconds (adjustable)
Housing material: ABS / PVC / PTFE
Enclosure protection rating: IP68
Corrosion resistant and strong corrosion
Ultrasonic level probe lead cable length: 10m (can be customized cable length, in line with the loop load less than 500Ω)
Process connection: thread, flange, bracket

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