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Doppler ultrasonic flowmeter

Doppler ultrasonic flowmeter

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Doppler ultrasonic flow meter working principle

Doppler flow meter is a type of ultrasonic flow meter. It uses Doppler Effect to measure the liquid volumetric flow through a pipe. Discontinuous disturbances exist in any flowing liquid in a pipe. These discontinuous disturbances can be suspended solid particles or air bubbles, or interfaces due to fluid disturbances. This disturbance causes a frequency shift of the reflected ultrasonic signal (that is, the signal produces a frequency difference), and the flow velocity can be measured by measuring the frequency difference.
Ultrasonic Doppler flow sensor generates and receives ultrasonic signals, and calculate liquid flow rate, it is also a kind of bidirectional ultrasonic doppler flowmeter which can measure forward or reverse flow rate.

Features of Doppler ultrasonic flow meters

  • a. Non contact ultrasonic flow meter: There is no need to interrupt the production process, it is non-invasive flow meter , because the doppler ultrasonic flow meter clamp on sensor is not in contact with the liquid, so there is no requirement for regular cleaning, no pipeline blockage, corrosion, wear or sticking and other problems.
  • b. Can be used for dirty fluids, such as wastewater, pulp, sewage.,etc, For complex liquid (such as multiphase flow media containing solid particles, bubbles, etc. in the medium), transit time ultrasonic flowmeters cannot be used to measure, but Doppler type ultrasonic flowmeter can achieve measurement.
  • c. Doppler effect ultrasonic flow meter can be used on various types pipelines ,such as cement lining pipe, rubber lining pipleline, plexiglass pipes, rubber pipes,.etc;
  • d. Ultrasonic doppler flow meter can take flow rate measurement of non-conductive liquid or corrosive and aggressive liquid.

Technical Specifications

  • Types: portable doppler flow meter & wall mount doppler type ultrasonic flow meter
  • portable doppler flow meter

    wall mount doppler flow meter
    clamp on doppler flow meter
    Portable Doppler Flow Meter Wall Mount Doppler Flow meter Doppler Flow meter Clam on sensor

  • Doppler flow meter accuracy: ±1% or ±2%,Repeatability: ±0.5%
  • Flow velocity: 0.3~6.0 m/s
  • Size: 2 inch to 118”, normal size: 4 inch, 6 inch, 8”,DN200, 10 inch, DN300 Doppler flow meters.etc
  • Digital indicator with LCD display, 5×20 digital backlight LCD
  • Outputs: 4-20mA outputs; relay state alarm output, RS-232 or RS-485 series ports;
  • Data logger: Built in data logger flow meter;
  • Ultrasonic sensor can be clamp on type or insertion probe.
  • Doppler Effect ultrasonic flow operation environment temperature: -20~ 50°c;
  • Fluids temperature:-40~ 82°c or -40~ 150 °c, high temperature Doppler flow meter;
  • Pipe material can be used : carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, cooper, PVC, aluminum, glass steel, hard metal, plastic .,etc
  • Power supply: Battery operated, 220V AC or 24V DC power supply;
  • Protection rating: IP67 for wall mount and IP68 for portable type ultrasonic flow meter;

What kind of Liquid can be measured by doppler ultrasonic flowmeter?

Municipal sewage flow meter, industrial sewage flow meter, circulating water flow meter , coal washing water flow measurement device, crude oil flow sensor , pulp flow transmitters, syrup flow meter, mud flow meter, lubricating oil flow meter, milk flow meter, juice flow meter, liquid medicine, acid and alkali liquid flow gauges, etc.
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