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Transit time flow meter

Transit time flow meter

Transit time flow meter working principle

When the ultrasonic flow meter is measuring fluid, the signal will be transmitted by the transducer. The signal will be received by another transducer after passing through the pipe wall, liquid and the other side of the pipe wall. At the same time, the two probes will transmit and receive signals together. , But affected by the flow rate of the medium, there will be a time difference, just according to the formula V=(C2/2L)×Δt (flow velocity V time difference Δt) to accurately calculate the data. This process can be simply called the "Transit time method" measurement principle. Silver Automation Instruments sell ultrasonic flow meter using transit-time difference for measuring flow rate in pipes non-invasively. Welcome to buy transit time flow meter from us in China.

Technical specifications of Transit time flow measurement

  • Flow meter accuracy : ±1%
  • Transmitter type: portable, handheld, wall mount type, fixed type, panel mount type, remote display type
  • Transducer type: clamp on ultrasonic flow meter (non-intrusive), alignment rail transducers, insertion probe, inline type
  • Fluids temperature range: -30°C ~160°C
  • Liquid measured: water, clean water, tap water, drinking water, river water, diesel, oil or other light homogeneous liquids
  • Pipeline size available: 1.25” to 236 inches
  • Flow rate the transmit time flow meter can detect : 0~ ±10 m/s
  • Power supply: battery, 24V DC or 220V AC
  • Digital transit time ultrasonic flow meter signal and communication: 4-20mA,pulse output, relay outputs, RS485 MODBUS RTU
  • Data Storage:Built-in data logger, SD card option
  • LCD display to show ultrasonic clamp on water flow meter flow rate information

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