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The Application of Ultrasonic Sensors

In real life, it is easy for us to find the application of ultrasonic sensor for level measurement. With the rapid development of the technology, the range of ultrasonic sensors is also becoming more and more extensive. In the history of human development, the application of ultrasonic sensors is everywhere, so long as the human can imagine the place, it can dabble in one foot. The discovery of hybrid rice, the discovery of atomic nuclei and hydrogen bombs, greatly reduced the distance between China and other advanced countries, which add energy to the economy of our country. ultrasonic sensor for level measurement is so widely used, do you really know the principle and scope of application?

Ultrasonic sensor for level measurement is made by the properties of ultrasonic waves. Ultrasonic wave is a mechanical wave that vibrates more frequently than sound waves. Ultrasound is a kind of mechanical wave. Ultrasonic level sensor’s vibrational frequency is higher than the sound wave, which is made by transducing chip under the encouragement of electricity, with the features of high frequency, short wave length, low diffraction phenomenon and so on, especially the good sense of direction, it can be rays to spread directly.Ultrasonic level sensor is great for liquid and solid penetration, especially in opaque solid under the sunlight, which can penetrate tens of meter of depth. When the ultrasonic level sensor encounters the impurities or the boundary surface, it will produce a significant reflection from reflection into echo, while encountering the moving objects, it will doppler effect. So ultrasonic testing is widely used in industry, defense, biomedicine and so on.

Ultrasonic fish detector: The principle of ultrasonic measurement is simple, which is called "multi-pram effect" academically. Children call it echo. Just like saying “how are you”, in a short time you will listen “”, which seems that some people are learning what you're talking about. People developed ultrasonic measurement techniques at this point. As in nature, bats are represented. They not only find food in the hole but also measure distance with sound waves. However, it is difficult to measure distance with ultrasonic wave in the hole, advanced technology is also not available.

Ultrasonic sensor for level measurement
The applicant of medical measurement:
●B ultrasound is used to detect ultrasonic sensors in liquid level;
●Acoustic diffuse proximity sensor is used to detect liquid level;
●Acoustic reflection is designed to detect distant targets;
●Acoustic proximity sensors can have analog output, which can be applied to precise continuous control;
●The linear slope of the analog output signal and the measured distance can be adjusted to meet the various control requirements;
●The sound wave proximity sensor can have two switch point Settings and can be conveniently set by the button;
●Square and primitive design meet different site installation requirements.

The application of ultrasonic sensor in quality inspection ---- ultrasonic flaw detector. Ultrasonic flaw detector is mainly applied to the quality testing of the metal workpiece, for example, check whether there are bubbles in metal or whether there are defects such as unsoldered. Now take the ultrasonic beam weld inspection system as an example to explain the application of ultrasonic flaw detector.

Ultrasonic sensors are popular among people all over the world. We will not feel strange to high technology. With the usage of computers, cell phone and so on, our country becomes technological time. The ultrasonic fish finder will allow people to explore where there is water and where there are more fish; Ultrasound detectors in b-ultrasound allow mothers to see children in the womb. In addition, ultrasonic sensors can also be used for medical treatment and other diseases such as chemotherapy. Through the introduction above, I believe that you have a detailed understanding of ultrasonic sensors!
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