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1/4" turbine flow meter

1/4” turbine flow sensor overview

It’s a type of volumetric flow meter that measures the rate of fluid flow in a pipe or a cylinder. It impedes the fluid flow which sets up a voltage. Measuring the voltage it determines flow rate of the fluid in the pipe. Different fluids with varying viscosities are applicable for measurements including oils, chemical fluids, water and petrochemical fluids.1/4” flow sensor size is micro turbine flow meter for clean liquid low flow rate measurement.1/4”=6mm flow meter size.

1/4 inch Turbine type meter measuring principle

These microfluidic turbine flow meter flow meters are similar to turbine energy generation systems. Their characteristic design is made up of a bladed rotor with a central shaft which allows movement of flowing liquid. A voltage sensor is also installed within the meter. The pressure exerted by the flowing fluid makes the blades and thus the rotor to rotate. The constituency of blades generates a magnetic field. The changing magnetic field is detected in the form of a voltage that is sensed across the monitor. The rate of fluid flow is proportional to the amount of voltage that is generated. Finally, a digital monitor displays the fluid flow rate.


  • 1- Presence of reliable digital output,such as current output or pulse output
  • 2- Sensitive to a wide range of liquids.
  • 3- Good for measuring fluctuating fluids.
  • 4- Response is quick and high accuracy flow meter
  • 5- Tolerant to high pressure and temperature of fluids
  • 6- 1/4” Turbine flow meter can work on liquid with flow range 0.1-0.6 m3/h (1.67-10 l/min)
  • 7-1/4 inch turbine type transmitter with electronic display option, also has 4-20Ma or pulse output
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