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Best flow meter used in dairy industry

Best flow meter used in dairy industry

Coriolis flow meter is the best accuracy flow measurement solution for cream, Yogurt or other fermented milk products in dairy industry. When measuring the flow rate of fermented milk or other dairy products, such as Yogurt, cream, it is essential to consider the fluid's viscosity. Kefir, fermented baked milk, and sour cream are all examples of fermented dairy products that undergo fermentation processes. Each of these products has its own unique characteristics, including viscosity.

Coriolis flow meters are versatile devices that can handle a wide range of fluid viscosities still with high accuracy. They operate based on the Coriolis effect, which measures the mass flow rate of the fluid directly. Coriolis flow meters can provide accurate measurements even for highly viscous fluids like fermented milk.

High viscosity dairy products needs Coriolis flow meter

Fermented milk is a dairy product that undergoes a fermentation process, usually through the action of lactic acid bacteria. The fermentation converts lactose, the primary sugar in milk, into lactic acid, resulting in a tangy flavor and a thicker consistency compared to regular milk. Common examples of fermented milk include yogurt, kefir, fermented baked milk, sour cream and buttermilk.

The viscosity of fermented milk can vary depending on factors such as the fermentation time, bacterial culture used, and the specific product formulation. Generally, fermented milk has a higher viscosity compared to regular milk due to the presence of proteins and the transformation of lactose into lactic acid.

For example it is not easy to measure find a Kefir flow meter to measure flow rate, because Kefir typically has a thick, creamy consistency with a viscosity similar to yogurt, the viscosity can be 9000cp ~ 15000cp;
As for fermented baked milk flow measurement, also known as ryazhenka or varenets, is a traditional Eastern European dairy product. Fermented baked milk can have a moderate viscosity, slightly thicker than regular milk but not as thick as kefir or yogurt, when we do fermented baked milk flow measurement, we should consider that viscosity.

It's important to note that the viscosity of these dairy products can vary based on several factors, including the specific recipe, fermentation conditions, and any additives or thickeners used during processing; the changing viscosity dairy products make flow measurement more trouble. The viscosity can affect the selection of a suitable flow meter for measuring the flow rate of these products. Coriolis flow meters are commonly used for measuring the flow of viscous fluids like cream, Yogurt, kefir, fermented baked milk, and sour cream. However, the specific flow meter selection should consider the viscosity range, accuracy requirements, and other application-specific factors.

Sanitary Coriolis flow meter for dairy industry

A sanitary Coriolis flow meter is a type of Coriolis flow meter specifically designed for sanitary or hygienic applications where cleanliness and product integrity are critical. It is commonly used in industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and cosmetics, where maintaining hygienic conditions during fluid measurement is essential. Sanitary Coriolis flow meter is perfect devices used in dairy industry.

Stainless steel flow meter for dairy industry

Sanitary Coriolis flow meters are typically constructed using high-quality stainless steel 316L, they are non-corrosive materials. These materials are resistant to corrosion, provide easy cleanability, and comply with sanitary regulations for fermented milk, cream ,Kefir and other dairy products flow measurement

Tri-clamp or other fitting for hygienic Coriolis mass flow meter

Tri-Clamp or other fitting device: Sanitary Coriolis flow meters often incorporate tri-clamp,tri-clover or DIN 11851 connections, which are widely used in sanitary applications. These connections provide secure and hygienic installation, maintenance, and disassembly of the flow sensor without compromising cleanliness in dairy industry.

Best accuracy flow meter for dairy products

Coriolis flow meters are widely used in the dairy industry due to their high accuracy and reliability. The flow meter accuracy for fermented milk, cream, Yogurt, kefir, fermented baked milk, and sour cream can reach to 0.25~0.5%. Dairy flow meters offer precise measurement of mass flow, density, and temperature, ensuring accurate monitoring and control of dairy processes. These Coriolis flow meters can handle different types of dairy products, including milk, cream, and yogurt with different viscosities and densities.

Other functions of Coriolis flow meters used in dairy mik

Coriolis flow meters are used to measure various process parameters, including mass flow rate, total mass flow, density, and volumetric flow rate. They offer high accuracy and precision in measuring fluid properties, making them suitable for applications that require reliable and hygienic flow measurement, such as in the food and beverage industry for measuring dairy products, fermented milk products ,kefir, fermented baked milk, sour cream, milk, juices, sauces, or in pharmaceutical manufacturing for monitoring the flow of liquid ingredients or final products.

Commonly used dairy product flow meters size and flow range:

  • 1/2”, DN10: flow range:  0-500 kg/h;
  • 3/4 inch fermented milk flow meter, DN20, flow range: 0~50 kg/min;
  • 1” dairy flow meter or we can DN25 ,NB25mm, flow range: 0~10 t/h
  • 1/5” ,DN40 milk flow meter, 0~734 lbs/min;
  • 2” or DN50 flow sensor flow range” 0~30 MT/h
  • 2.5” or 65mm flow meter range: 0~ 50 ton/hour
  • 3” dairy flow meter size flow range: 0~ 100 t/h
  • 4 inch  flow meter used in dairy industry or DN100 : 0~ 150 Mt/hr;

It's important to consult with the flow meter manufacturer or supplier to ensure that the specific sanitary Coriolis flow meter meets the necessary sanitary requirements for diary milk, fermented milk application, welcome to send email ( us to inform us your applications.
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