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What is long radius nozzle flow meter?

Long Radius nozzles flow meters are normally for liquid or gas fluids flow rate including vapor, non-viscous, corrosive and fluids with high speed velocity. A flow nozzle is a special piece that many pipe systems have, which helps measure the flow rate of a given system. Basically a flow nozzle is generally a pipe that due to its shape partially obstructs the flow of a fluid. This obstruction makes it so that the fluid in the system changes pressure when going through the nozzle, and by measuring those results specialist can know just how much of the fluid is passing through the system. In short nozzles flow meter can help us measure, and like many flow measurement elements there's a wide variety of them.

Technical Specifications

  • 1.Flow meter sensor size : 50mm≤DN≤630mm (from 2” to 25” long radius nozzle )
  • 2. Max pressure: PN≤32MPa, 4600 PSI
  • 3. Aperture ratio: 0.2≤β≤0.8
  • 4. Reynolds number range: 10000≤ReD≤1×10
  • 5. Accuracy: ±2.0%
  • 6. Tap method: Radius taps  (D-D/2)
  • 7. Executive standard: IS05167
  • 8. Flow Material: Pipe material cast iron,alloy steel, stainless steel, nozzle material: stainless steel 304 or 316.

Operation principle for long radius nozzle

The operating principle is in general not that different from all the other nozzles flow meters in the market, but the calculations do vary due to the different shape. As with all other nozzles it is the shape in form what causes the fluid to flow differently and change in pressure, resulting in the accompanying change in pressure. That said most of the action happens early on at the inlet of the nozzle, differential pressure in the system can be measured at a 1D (+) and 0.5D (-). Basically the obstruction is very early on the system, and the calculation is handled either by a welded-in meterrun or an annular-chamber.
With that clear we can now properly speak of the Long Radius Flow Nozzle. A Long Radius Nozzle is a unique style of Nozzle that is best known for its shape, the inlet is elliptical while the outlet has a cylindrical design, and additionally a Long Radius Nozzle is more often than not welded in, what is known as weld-in design. Which results in a sturdier frame which gives the whole system a different set of uses compared to a traditional design. It is a kind of differential pressure flow meter.

Features of long radius nozzle

The main features of the Long Radius Nozzle in comparison to its counterparts are the welded-in nature of its frame with the advantages in durability and flanging required. As well as being excellent at minimizing leakage in a system, making it durable and reliable option across the years.
The features for long radius nozzle including
  • Large turn down ratio
  • Long service life
  • Impact resistance
  • Small pressure loss
  • Large measurement range

The application of long radius nozzle

The applications of a Long Radius Nozzle are varied precisely due to its high-quality and resilient build but they particularly stand out in systems that involve high pressure. This style of Nozzle is famous for its high operational reliability over time, and for being able to measure traditional fluids, gas and even steam. This combination of durability and multi-function makes it one of the best options to measure superheated steam which could harm other more delicate nozzles, while the Long Radius Nozzle won't feel any wear despite the high pressure and temperature. These traits make it particularly used in boiler systems and when it comes to distribution, as constant use, continuous pressure and high temperatures won't affect it.
A lot of long radius nozzles are used in power industry, because it has good performance at high temperature or high pressure applications. For example we use this kind of DP flow meter to take measurement for main stream, main feed water ir desuperheating water flow rate measurement.
The Long Radius Nozzle is in few words sturdy. Able to bear the brunt of the work with next to no wear, while still providing an accurate report of the flow speed in a system. Traits that make it ideal for the heavier work that its smaller counterparts might not be able to deal with.Welcome to contact us to get the low price long radius nozzle flow meter.

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