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Coriolis flow meter for chlor-alkali industry

Coriolis flow meter for chlor-alkali industry

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The chlor-alkali industry relies heavily on accurate and stable measurements for chlorine gas and caustic soda (sodium hydroxide). Coriolis Mass flow meters are essential tools in this industry due to their high precision and reliability.

Coriolis Mass flow meters measure the mass flow rate of a fluid traveling through a tube. Unlike volume flow meters, they provide measurements that are not affected by temperature or pressure changes. This makes them particularly suitable for the chlor-alkali industry, where process conditions can vary.

Why use Coriolis mass flow meter for chlorine flow measurmeent

For chlorine gas, which is highly reactive and corrosive, it is crucial to have a measurement device that can withstand harsh conditions while providing accurate readings. Coriolis Mass flow meters are designed with materials, such as hastelloy alloy C-276 material that resist chlorine gas corrosion, ensuring durability and long-term stability,also for chlorine gas flow measurement, the accuracy can reach to 0.5%,  The high precision of these mass flow meters helps in maintaining the proper ratio of chlorine in chemical processes, which is vital for safety and efficiency.
The normal used Coriolis flow meter for chlorine gas measurement flow sensor size is 1/2”,3/4 inch, 1 inch , 2 inch .

Why use Coriolis flow meter for caustic soda flow measurement

Similarly, in the case of liquid caustic soda, accurate measurement is essential. Caustic soda is highly alkaline and can be hazardous. Precise flow measurements ensure that the correct amount is used in processes, preventing waste and reducing the risk of accidents. Mass flow meters provide consistent and reliable data, which is critical for process control and optimization. We often chose hastelloy alloy C-276 or stainless steel 316L material as wet parts for flow sensor, and the accuracy for the caustic soda mass flow meter can reach to 0.1%.

Coriolis mass flow meter provides various outputs and communication

Coriolis Mass flow meters also offer various output options such as current 4-20mA, pulse, frequency and digital communication protocols like MODBUS, HART and Profibus-PA,Profibus-DP. These outputs facilitate integration with control systems and enable real-time monitoring and control. This versatility in output options allows for seamless communication and automation, enhancing the overall efficiency of the industrial processes.

In summary, the use of mass flow meters in the chlor-alkali industry enhances the accuracy and stability of measuring chlorine gas and liquid caustic soda. Their ability to provide precise measurements under varying conditions makes them indispensable tools. These results in safer operations, optimized processes, and improved efficiency, making the investment in high-quality mass flow meters a smart choice for the industry.

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