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Vortex gas flow meter advantages

Vortex gas flow meter advantages

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How vortex gas flow meters work ?

The principle of the vortex flowmeter is fluid oscillation. The principle and technology of the vortex flowmeter is to insert a bluff body vertically into the pipeline, the fluid flows around the bluff body, the relationship between the frequency of the body and the flow rate is used to measure the flow rate. Vortex flowmeter is also called vortex sheeding flowmeter or Karman vortex flowmeter.

Vortex flowmeter can measure liquid, gas and steam. As a gas flowmeter, it has the following wide applications:

●Gas flow measurement in iron and steel plants and coking plants
●Boiler air flow, measure secondary air volume
●Measurement of flue gas flow from chimney
●Measurement of aeration flow in water treatment
●Gas flow measurement in the production process of cement, cigarette and glass factory
●Compressed air flow measurement
●Gas flow measurement of natural gas, Co2,coal gas, liquefied gas, flare gas, hydrogen, etc.

Vortex flow meter to be used as digital gas flow meters, it has follow advantages:

  • 1. Vortex flowmeters have the advantages of no moving parts and high reliability, like throttling flowmeters or DP flow meters, it has reliable performance, it also has digital signal output like turbine flowmeters;
  • 2. Vortex gas flow meter has no moving parts, no mechanical wear, low failure rate and good reliability,the vortex flowmeter has no mechanical moving parts inside, which improves the reliability of its use, and the general reliability index (fault-free working time when taking gas flow rate measurement ) can reach more than 40,000 hours.
  • 3. Wide range ratio and high measurement accuracy:The range ratio of the vortex flowmeter is generally 10:1, which can basically adapt to the occasions where the flow rate fluctuates frequently and changes greatly. The measurement accuracy of the vortex flowmeter is generally 0.75%~2.0%, the repeatability is generally 0.2%~0.5%, and the accuracy is medium to high level in the flowmeter.
  • 4. Vortex shedding flow meter has good media adaptability and versatility; Vortex flowmeters can be used to measure gas, liquid and steam flow and total flow, and can also be used to measure the flow of high temperature, high pressure, corrosive and dirty fluids. Vortex flowmeter has good media adaptability and versatility. The flow coefficient of the vortex flowmeter is not affected by changes in the physical parameters of the measuring medium such as temperature, density, viscosity, etc., that is to say, the coefficient of the instrument remains unchanged under the working state. This makes the use of the flowmeter simple and convenient, especially the performance that the vortex flow sensor coefficient is not affected by the physical parameters of the medium, which makes the calibration of the flow meter sensor simple and convenient (as long as the calibration is performed in a typical medium, it can be applied to various media. measurement), which is unmatched by other flow meters.
  • 5. The output signal from gas flow transmitter is digital pulse signal, no zero drift;
  • The original output signal of the vortex gas flowmeter is a digital pulse signal, which has the characteristics of easy connection of the digital signal to the computer interface, the signal is not affected by temperature changes, no zero drift, no signal lag, and easy to accumulate measurement.
  • 6. Vortex gas flow sensor is easy for installation, with good reliability and need low maintenance;
  • Vortex gas flowmeters are divided into two types: inline flanged or wafer type or insertion vortex flow meter. No matter what kind of installation structure, as long as the instrument is installed on the pipeline, the signal transmission can be electrical signal transmission. There is no pressure guiding tube, and no special measures such as heat preservation are required. Therefore, it is not only easy to install, but also has a particularly low failure rate. The vortex flowmeter has a simple structure and a stable meter flow coefficient. Generally, as long as the structural dimensions of the vortex generator and the meter body do not change, the meter coefficient will not change. Compared with the analog signal instrument, the uncertainty factor of measurement error is much less, which brings special convenience to the user's maintenance and facilitates the confirmation of the flow measurement operation status.
  • 7. Vortex type gas flow meter has small pressure loss:
  • Compared with throttling flowmeters or differential pressure flow meter and other velocity or volume flowmeters (such as turbine flowmeters, positive displacement flowmeters, etc.), the vortex flowmeter has small pressure loss and is an energy-saving flowmeter.
  • 8. Vortex gas flow meter has poor anti-vibration ability, not suitable for use in strong vibration situations;
  • Vortex flowmeter is a fluid vibration flow measurement instrument. Like other vibration meters, its vibration resistance is relatively high.This problem is relatively prominent, especially when the stress-type measuring instrument is in the static state and the lower limit small flow measurement state (from the analysis of the lateral lift generated by the vortex signal, it is known that the lateral lift is proportional to the square of the flow velocity of the medium, so in normal In the flow measurement range, the vortex signal-to-noise ratio is very large. Pipeline vibration is not easy to cause interference to the measurement signal, but in the static no-flow state, the vortex signal has a small amplitude under the state of low flow rate and flow rate, and the signal-to-noise ratio is small. It is also relatively small, so the influence of pipeline vibration is easy to interfere with the signal), so it is not suitable for use in situations where pipeline vibration is relatively strong. Although the vortex flowmeter of other measurement methods has slightly stronger vibration resistance, this problem also exists. Therefore, if it needs to be used in vibration situations, corresponding measures should be taken. In recent years, some domestic and foreign manufacturers (YOKOGAWA, ABB, Dalian Zhonglong, etc.) have used digital signal processing systems (DSP or SSP) to distinguish and process instrument signals and have achieved good results.
The outstanding advantages of the vortex flowmeter make the use of the vortex flowmeter fully developed. But its shortcomings also limit its application field. Therefore, manufacturers of vortex flowmeters are constantly improving the vortex gas flowmeters and introducing new technologies.
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