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Ultrasonic Flow meter with alignment rail transducers

Ultrasonic Flow meter with alignment rail transducers

How does an ultrasonic flow meter work?

Ultrasonic flow meters are based on the principle of ultrasonic time difference ranging, which calculates the flow rate by measuring the propagation transit time of the ultrasonic signal in the upstream and downstream of the pipe section. . There are no moving parts in the pipe section, with lower pressure loss and higher accuracy. Silver Automation Instruments sell transit time flow meter.

How clamp on ultrasonic flow sensor install?

The transit-time ultrasonic flow sensors are simply clamped on the pipe surface without the need to shut down the process. The sensors are fixed to the pipe surface using metal chains, straps or alignment mounting rails/mounting bracket. Coupling paste or coupling agent is on the bottom of the transducers to make sure an acoustically conductive connection to the pipeline.
Portable or wall mount ultrasonic flow meter using 2 clamped-on transducers to detect liquid flow velocity. Misalignment of the sensors will have poor accuracy in the flow velocity measurement. The transducers must be exactly parallel to the water flow in the pipe. We sell transit time ultrasonic flow meter with an alignment rail to avoid the misalignment and improve more accurate flow reading.  A clamp-on sensor with rail-mounted transducers makes this typical transit-time ultrasonic flowmeter easy to position.

Technical Specifications for Ultrasonic Flow meter with alignment rail transducers

  • Pipeline size range: DN15 (1/2” )-DN700 (28 inches)
  • Fluids temperature: -30°C ~160°C
  • Liquid can detect: pure water, tap water, RO water, drinking water, diesel or other light homogeneous liquids
  • Pipeline material: carbon steel, stainless steel 304, cast iron, PVC, cement, copper,glass fiber reinforced pipeline.,etc

Ultrasonic Flow meter with Alignment rail transducers kit

The whole kit is packed in one aluminum case:

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