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Turbine flow meter stainless steel

Turbine flow meter stainless steel

Turbine flow meter is an electronic flow measurement instrument that provides the function of measurement of fluid flow rate. The precision and accuracy of this voltage and pulse flow sensing device makes it one of the most used volumetric flow meter. Heavy plants and industries that are concerned with fluids use turbine type flow sensors to measure the flow rates. Turbine flow meter is stainless steel material constructed; hence it can be used to measure low-corrosive liquid.

Principle of working

The manufacturing of this stainless steel flow meter consists of a centrally placed shaft through which the fluid passes by. A medium-sized rotor is attached to this shaft circumferentially. This rotor contains 2 or more wide-angled blades. The placement of this turbine flow sensor is such the rotor and shaft allows the passage of fluid whereas the blades of the rotor are placed perpendicularly to the fluid flow direction. Once the flowing fluid strikes the blades it exerts pressure which causes the blades to rotate. Therefore the rotor and its blade begin a rotatory motion which is equal to the rate of fluid flow. A pulse of voltage is generated due to this rotation of the rotor and this voltage is detected by a flow sensor installed within the meter. The turbine flow sensor functions to measure this voltage and determine the flow rate accordingly.


  • Stainless steel Turbine flow meter is accurate and risk-free in its measurements.
  • It can measure the flow of continuously changing flow rates with good precision.
  • The turbine meter digital display and lower inertia of rotor make them a very useful meter for flow detection.
  • Option with stainless steel 304 or 316 material
  • Stainless steel turbine flow meter size available from 1/8” to 10 inch


Many commercial industries use turbine flow meter due to lower risks and easy installation procedures. Its feature of measuring fluids compels the petrochemical and fuel industries to use this stainless steel flow sensor. Also oil and gas industries, pharmaceutical industry and aerosol plants use this meter for accurate measurements. Stainless steel turbine wheel flowmeter can be used in slightly corrosive environment.

A turbine flow meter is used most commonly in fiscal applications. Custody transfer of fluids including petroleum and gas is their characteristic application. Other industries including fuel manufacturing plants, petrochemical industries, aerosol, Natural gas plants, clean water plants and mixing and hygienic plants use turbine flow meters.

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