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Liquid Turbine Flow Meter Precautions

Liquid turbine flow meter is often used to measure oil, diesel,water, palm oil and so on .

We should pay atttention to below points when using the liquid turbine flow meter.

For your safety, review the major warnings and cautions below before operating your equipment.

1. Use only fluids that are compatible with the housing material and wetted components of your turbine flow meter.

2. When measuring flammable liquids, observe precautions against fire or explosion.

3. When handling hazardous liquids, always follow the liquid turbine flow meter manufacturer’s safety precautions.

4. When working in hazardous environments, always exercise appropriate safety precautions.

5. During turbine removal, liquid may spill. Follow the liquid turbine flow meter manufacturer’s safety precautions for cleanup of minor spills.

6. Do not blow compressed air through the turbine.

7. Handle the rotor carefully. Even small scratches or nicks can affect accuracy of liquid turbine flow meter.

8. When tightening the turbine flow meter, use a wrench only on the wrench flats.

9. For best results, calibrate the turbine flow meter at least 1 time per year.

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