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Coriolis mass flow meter

Coriolis mass flow meter has many obvious merits and has been successfully used in a lot crucial flow metering applications. It is operated on Coriolis effect principle, and can take mass flow measurement of liquid, gas, vapor, suspended liquid or mix gas .Silver Automation Instruments provide excellent quality Corolis meter at competitive price and fast delivery time.


✔    Indeed direct mass flow measurement of different kind’s fluids without any compensation
✔    All wet parts material is 316L SST, stainless steel flow meter
✔    High accuracy flow meter transmitter: 0.15%, 0.2%
✔    Can have batch control functions
✔    Measurement result is not affected by the fluids property, such as viscosity and density
✔    High viscosity flow meter, such as Molasses, resin, honey,latex,bitumen and son on
✔    Can get mass flow, density, fluids concentration, temp info by only one Coriolis sensor
✔    Low price cost from China Coriolis mass flow meter manufactures
✔    Different Coriolis sensor ,from DN15 to DN200, such as 1 inch , 2 inch, 4 inch in-line Coriolis flow meter
✔    Rugged and reliable performance for heavy duty
✔    Digital flow meter transmitter with various outputs and communication, such as 4-20mA current, frequency, RS485,HART Protocol
✔    Different process connection available, such as flange, thread, tri-clamp for Sanitary and hygienic industry
✔    Compact or remote type Coriolis mass flow transmitter

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