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Metal tube variable area flow meter/Rotameter

Metal tube rotameter is a kind variable area flow meter; it is rugged also versatile in many fluids volumetric flow measurement applications, such as liquid, air, gas or vapor. Silver Automation instruments supply many kinds in-line rotameter for different purpose, such as
✔    Direct reading type rotameter flow indicator
✔    Metal tube rotameter with digital flow transmitter
✔    High temperature rotameter
✔    Sanitary and Hygienic tri-clamp type rotamers
✔    PTFE lined VA flow meter for aggressive liquid flow measurement
✔    Horizontal mounting Variable area flow meter/rotameter
✔    Low flow variable area flow meter
✔    High pressure type rotameter
✔    Thread connection VA flow meter


✔    Direct in-line type flow indicator and no power supply needed
✔    Can be featured with digital rotameter flow transmitter with 4-20mA, pulse, alarm switches
✔    From China variable area flow meters supplier, low price cost also stable performance
✔    Wide rangeability:10:1
✔    All stainless steel flow meter, 304 SST, 316 SST,316L, even possible with Titanium alloy
✔    Low flow flow meter
✔    Low pressure drop
✔    Can be with no power supply, or battery, or 24VDC, or 220V AC
✔     Different sensor size from DN15 to DN200( 8 inch rotameter)

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