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What Parameters Can Be Configured in The Paperless Recorder ?

Fast Technology Developement of Paperless Recorder

With the rapid development of modern industrial control field and new technology field, the new display recording instrument with industrial microprocessor CPU as the core has been widely applied to various departments of industrial production and scientific research. CPU as the core of the use of LCD paperless Graphic recorder, completely abandon the traditional recorder mechanical drive, paper and pen, directly to the recorded signal into a digital signal, sent to the random memory to be saved, and in the large-screen LCD screen to be display. Since the recording signal is displayed by the industrial dedicated micro processor CPU, the recording signal can be arbitrarily enlarged and reduced to be displayed on the display screen, thus providing a great convenience for observing the recording signal state. If necessary, send the recording curve or data to the printer or send it to a personal computer for preservation and further processing. The data Logger instrument input signal is diversified and can be used with thermocouples, RTDS, flow meters, radiant heaters or other transmitters that produce DC voltage, DC current, frequency, and so on. Digital display, alarm, control, the input signal can be configured or programmed to visually display the current measured value of the temperature, pressure, flow, level and other process parameters for digital display, digital recording. 

What Can Be Configured in The Paperless Graphic Recorder ?

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  • Time and channel configuration. Used to configure or modify the date, clock, record points and sampling period.
  • Page and record interval configuration. The input signal mode of each channel, the upper and lower limits of the range, the upper and lower limits of the alarm, the filter time constant, and the setting of the prescribing or not. For the flow signal, but also for the prescription, the cumulative flow and flow, temperature, pressure compensation.
  • Due to the large number of input units of the input signal, the appropriate engineering units can be selected by configuration. If you have a PID control module, you can implement PID control loop.
  • Configuration of communication information. For computer communication address and communication mode settings.
  • Display Screen Select the configuration. The paperless recorder can display nine screens or more. Through the configuration, select the most need to display the screen.
  • Configuration of alarm information. The upper, upper, lower and lower limits of each channel are set.
Into the 20th century, 90 years later, the industrial automation instrument manufacturers have started to develop a new display record instrument - pen, paperless recorder.
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