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Assembly and Installation of Gas Flow Meter

Assembly of gas flow meter
(1) Installation of rotor. According to the calibrated orientation, assemble the conjugate rotor, adjust the axial position of the rotor, make the end face smooth, make sure the end face is clean and tidy.
(2) Installation of bearing pedestal and bearing. Ensure the gap between the rotor and end face, the bearing pedestal will be fixed to the bearing cavity, fixed it by the bearing. Pluck the rotor with the hand from the air inlet side,check the workings of the rotor, at the same time check the  gap between the rotor and moderate cavity. If there is a knock,we need a further adjustment to widen the gap. If it is necessary, add a shim under the bearing seat ( In order to meet the sealing requirements,it should be considered that  bolt pre-tightening force has large influence on bearing seat position during the gear box installation).
(3) Installation of synchronous gear. The synchronous gear group are installed on two sides, the oil baffle plate is used for the synchronous gear lubrication, with the round nut locking the back washer ,and pluck the rotor with the hand to check the operation of the rotor.
(4) Gear box installation. Lay the valve body flat , fix the rubber sealing ring,put one end gear box cover  in the corresponding locations of the valve body, screw fastening bolts. According to the requirements of pressure container,  tighten bolts to the relative position in a  certain order. Pluck the rotor with the hand, it needs to operate flexibly, no resistance.  Reverse the valve body to install  the other end and install the magnetic coupling and the copper gear and check the operation of the rotor.
(5) Install the header. Turn the integrating meter header gear to the corresponding position of magnetic coupling copper gear , and lift the coupling half tooth width height to mesh the gear , buckle on the header and screw down the header and  set screw, check the rotor rotation and the number the headers have shown .
(6) With the good operation of the test meter, add the lubricating oil, and set the plug valve in the lower part of the fixing location.

Attentions of general installation
(1) The gas flow meter shall be properly installed and  used to avoid affecting normal operation and measurement accuracy.
(2) Use gasoline or kerosene to clean the surface of the anti-rust oil before installing the gas flow meter and remove the pipeimpurities. The front end of the gas flow meter is installed with strainer to prevent rust, slag and other impurities from entering the measuring room.
(3) When the gas flow meter is installed, the rotor  should  maintain the axial level, regardless of the vertical or horizontal position of the entrance or exit , the header should be at the horizontal position.
(4) When the fluctuation range of gas pressure  is large, the pressure regulator should be  installed to the gas flow meter to ensure the measurement accuracy.
(5) When install the gas flow meter ,  the foregoing and rear valve and by-pass line should be set to ensure the maintenance without stopping. The gas flow meter installation pipeline system diagram of Ancai high-tech co. LTD  is shown in the picture 4. The  direction of the entrance and exit is left-entering and right-out. But according to the equipment manufacturer, the over-entering and down-outshould be preferred in the  recommendation  of the installation form.
(6) The  Line pipe and the size of  pipe fittings  should be properly set  in the installation of gas flow meter, and the gas flowmeter should not be subjected to abnormal external forces.
(7) Before using the gas flow meter,  fill the lubricating oil to the oil line from the pouring orifice, add or change periodically according to the operation of the oil, and the foregoing and rear valve  must be closed and discharge gas pressure in the gas meter.
(8) when the gas flow meter was put into operation, all valves should slowly open and shut, to prevent sudden impact, especially in the suppression and test of pipelines or the leakage of gas flow meter, it is forbidden to suddenly deflated in case of breaking the gear in the  gas flow meter.
(9) When the gas flow meter was put into operation for some time, if you find the filter pressure  has been increased, you should clean strainer or replace filter medium, if you find that higher pressure in the gas flow  meter, it is forbidden to suddenly deflated in case of breaking the gear in the  gas flow meter.
(10) When the gas flow meter hasn't been used for a long time , the lubricating oil should be emptied, and the measuring room should be washed and cleaned with gasoline, and the oil shall be coated with anti-rust oil and sealed in the dry place.
(11) The minimum distance that the gas flow meter should be installed  is between 0.5 and 1.5 m from the ground , and maintain a certain distance from the wall for better maintenance.

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