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A Brief Analysis of The Structure Design and Calibration Requirements of Vortex Shedding Flow Meter

The vortex shedding flow meter is a new type of flow meter which developed in the 1970s. The vortex shedding flow meter is a kind of flow measuring instrument, mainly used for measuring medium fluid of the industrial pipeline. When measuring the condition of volume, the flow rate will almost not be affected by the fluid density, pressure, temperature, viscosity and other parameters. Because of many advantages,  it is popular among users. It is rapidly developing and the application of it is expanding. Today let me introduce the main functions and characteristics of the vortex shedding  flow meter, and I hope it can help users to apply products better. A complete vortex shedding flow meter is consisted of the watch body, the voice prosthesis, detection devices and signal conversion. This paper will introduce the design of the generators of the vortex shedding flow meter, performance and application in dry calibration, so that people can understand the vortex  prosthesis better. It is helpful to improve the application of vortex shedding flow meter.

The instrument factor K is related to the following factors:

(1) The St number is only related to the shape of the voice prosthesis and Reynolds number. The Reynolds number of fluid is in the range of  2 * 104 to 7 * 106, and St is considered as a constant.

(2) The voice prosthesis is related with the size of geometric measuring tubing.

It can be seen that the premise of the accurate measurement of vortex shedding flow meter is to ensure the characteristic width of the vortex generator (upstream width) and keep d constant. Next we will mainly discuss the performance , function and application of the voice prosthesis.

Through the above brief discussion on voice prosthesis, we can understand that generating body is one of the important reasons to guarantee the accuracy of the vortex shedding flow meter. Only by the precise processing and reasonable application can it ensures that the vortex shedding flow meter is accurate and reliable, and provide the accurate measurement data for us.

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