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Industrial Temperature Sensor -Thermocouple and RTD

Why we need industrial temperature sensor ?

Industrial processes frequently involve the emission of a lot of heat from the equipment involved. Too much heat generating from the machine doesn’t always come with goods news.

In most circumstance, It can mean a build-up of pressure, poor air circulation, and poor cooling systems that lead to overheating. Since overheating complications are challenging address at the right time when it occurs, it can result in a system breakdown.

The good news is that most equipment manufacturers realized that an automatic temperature sensor can is a perfect remedy for the overheating of the machinery .Therefore, machine designer’s engineered different types of thermocouple and Resistance Temperature Detectors that helps in detecting any slight change in temperature.

industiral thermocouple

What is a thermocouple?

A thermocouple is an instrument used to measure temperature,It comprises of two different types of wires that form a junction at their point of union.Thewire connections within a thermocouple consist of thermo-elements,insulators,sheath,and end seals.It also has a temperature gauge as the read-out device.

How does it work?

Subjecting the junction to heating or cooling results to the generation of some voltage in the thermoelectric circuit, the electrical circuit wires typically have some resistance to the movement of electrons in the cable. The electrons will have to collide with external atoms and hence generate thermal energy. The thermal energy heats the wire, which the thermocouple thermometer records as temperature readings.

The output of a temperature sensor device depends solely on the type of thermocouple you decide to choose. For that effect, there are different types of thermocouple, and some of them include type Type-K, Type-J, Type-T, Type-E, Type-N, Type-S, Type-R, and Type-B.,etc

The different types of thermocouple make choosing the right kind of for a specific function quite challenging. There is a wide range of applications that thermocouple can serve. You need to have a great understanding of the structure and functionality of your choice of the thermocouple to get maximum results. Some of the vital information to look for while choosing a thermocouple includes:

  • ✔  Temperature range
  • Requirement for installation
  • Ability to resist chemicals
  • Resistance to vibration
  • Purpose

Applications of Thermocouple

In the automobile industry, they are used diesel engines
✔   They are used in the corporate world like business offices in thermostats
✔   They are also used as flame sensors in restricted places
✔   In hospital thermometers
✔   In the food industry during milk pasteurization
✔   In residential homes as water heaters and ovens

Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD)

Just like thermocouple, resistant temperature detectors (RTD) also measure temperature but by determining the resistance within the electrical circuit. The resistance is directly proportional to the heat such that high resistance results in high temperatures. The building elements comprises a thin film of playinum.RTD is famous for its high accuracy and stability that makes it one of the best in the industry. Its linearity is impeccable compared to many devices. They are capable of measuring temperature as high as 1500 degrees Celsius. There are different types of RTD in the industry that performs various functions.

In RTD, the connecting metals are nickel, copper, and platinum. The resistance-temperature-characteristic of RTD relates to the three metals that have variations of high resistance. The temperature of the platinum is 650 degrees Celsius. Copper is 120, and the nickel is 300 degrees Celsius. Unlike thermocouple, it does not require a junction.

industiral rtd temperature sensor

Applications of RTD

  • RTD is used in the automotive and aerospace industry to measure the engine temperature
  • It can also measure the temperature of amplifiers and transistors in the communication industry
  • It is also instrumental in the food industry in food handling and processing.
  • Industrial electronics like computers and consumer electronic devices like ovens.
  • Medical electronics

China industrial temperature sensor manufacture

Silver Automation Instruments offer thermocouple and RTD from China industrial temperature sensor factory at economical price and fast delivery time.

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