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2011 China PLC Market trend is Still Rising Step by Step

In 2010, PLC market to maintain a steady upward trend, coupled with government incentives, PLC manufacturers continue to reform and innovation, expand the scale, greatly enhancing the product market competitiveness. The survey found that due to the continuous expansion of the scale of production control, PLC prices are gradually decreased.

In the outbreak of the financial crisis PLC market competition in the difficult situation which is leading to serious market tightening. With the China and international market environment needs, 2010 PLC market size and growth to achieve a successful reversal, and gradually returned to previous year’s level.

Take China and foreign PLC products to do comparison, we all know that we are still in the field of technology far behind Europe and the United States. At present, for the China PLC manufacturers, the most effective growth path is to first imitate, in the gradual absorption, reduce costs and improve their own reliable performance to achieve the purpose of innovation.
Based on the China market, the investigation and analysis of domestic users in the selection of PLC products, we found that most of the product performance indicators and post-service as the first key elements, followed by the brand concept. That is for the Chinese users, even if the small workshop produced PLC products, as long as its performance can meet the standards and international manufacturers of PLC products produced by the difference is not large, the user will not abandon.

2011, PLC market completion will be series. Of course, the 2011 market trend of PLC is still gratifying, with dozens of China PLC companies to conduct a joint analysis of the trend, PLC market trends will be gradually steadily expanding trend.
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