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 Attention in the Installation Process of Flow Meter

The flow metrology is one of the components of measurement science and technology, which has a close relation with the national economy, national defense construction, and scientific research. Doing this work well has an important role in ensuring product quality, improving production efficiency and promoting the development of science and technology. Particularly in nowadays, energy crisis and the deep of industrial production automation, the status and role of the flow meter in the national economy is more and more evident.

The flow meter is widely used in various areas of the national economy like metallurgy, electric power, coal, chemical industry, petroleum, transportation, construction, textile, food, medicine, agriculture, environmental protection and people's daily life. It is an important tool which occupies a vital position in developing industrial and agricultural production, saving energy, improving product quality, improving economic efficiency and management level. Here is a brief introduction to eight key points of the flow meter installation:

1. The external environment requirements:

The flow meter is best installed indoors. We must take sunscreen, rain, lightning protection measures if we must installed it outdoors so as not to affect its service life. Flow meter should be installed in a site that is convenient maintenance, no strong electromagnetic interference, and heat radiation.

2. The requirements of the bypass pipe:

The cut-off valve (stop valve) should be installed before and after the pipeline of the flow meter while the bypass pipe should also be set in order to ensure that the flow meter maintenance does not affect the normal production. Flow control valve should be installed in the downstream of the flow meter and the upper valve of the flow meter must be fully open when being used, to avoid the phenomenon that the fluid of the upstream part flows unsteady.

3. Requirements for straight pipe segments:

The flow meter must be installed horizontally on the pipe (the pipe is tilted within 50). When installing, the flow meter axis should be concentric with the pipeline axis and the flow direction should be consistent. If the installation site allows the proposed upstream straight pipe segment 20D, downstream of 5D, then the length of flow meter upstream pipe should be not less than 2D straight pipe. The inner diameter of the upstream and downstream piping for the flow meter mounting point must be the same as that of the flow meter's.

4. The media contains impurities requirements:

In order to ensure the service life of the flow meter, the filter should be installed before the straight pipe section of the flow meter.

5. The installation of welding requirements:

When installing flow meter (such as Vortex flow meter), the user needs another pair of standard flange welding on the front and back pipes. Welding with a flow meter is not allowed! When installing, the gasket between the flanges cannot be recessed into the pipe. Before installing flow meter, we should strictly remove the dirt from the pipe. such as debris, welding slag, stone, dust, etc. The automatic filter of 5-micron sieve is recommended to install in the upstream to block the droplets and sand. It is best to use a pipe with an equal diameter (or by-pass) instead of a flow meter for purging to ensure that the flow meter would not be damaged during being used.

6. Flow meter grounding requirements:

The flow meter should be grounded reliably and cannot be shared with the ground wire of the strong electric system.

7. Requirements for the explosion-proof product:

In order to ensure the normal and safe use of the flow meter (such as electromagnetic flow meter), the user should check that if the using environment of explosion-proof flow meter meets the requirements of the user explosion-proof. And in the process of the installation and usage,  the user should strictly follow the using requirements of the national explosion-proof product. The user is not allowed to change the explosion-proof system connection mode nor feel free to open the instrument

8. Requirements for the flow range:

Selection in the specified flow range to prevent speeding operation. It ensures to get the ideal accuracy and normal service life.
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