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Coriolis Mass Flow Meters Installation Requirements

Silver Automation Instruments is China supplier of CorIolis mass flow meters, the price of the coriolis meter is a little cheaper, also the quality is good.

Below is some tips of Coriolis Mass Flow meter Installation:

1. Coriolis Mass Flow Meters’ measuring principle is based on the controlled generation of vibration. So the installation location should be as far away from the vibration source as possible. And the stable support of the installation pipeline is required too. If the vibration source is inevitable, then it is recommended to use the hose connection. The connecting pipeline and the Coriolis Mass Flow Meter’s connection should be located on the same axis. And do not impose an additional force on the mass flow meter. The unnecessary additional force will affect measuring accuracy. If you buy the Coriolis Mass Flow Meters, you should pay attention to that.

2. If the installation of the throttle device is required, such as the flow control valve, then the installation must be installed at the export of the Coriolis Mass Flow Meter. The Coriolis mass flow meter cost is not very cheap, so we need to take care of the flowmeters.

3. The cut-off valves should be installed at the entry and the export of the Coriolis Mass Flowmeter. And it is a benefit for the first-time zero point calibration after the installation.

4. The Coriolis Mass Flowmeter should be as far away from the pump’s export as possible, especially the reciprocating pumps. The fluctuation of the flow measurement would be caused by getting too close to the pumps.

5. For the measurement of high-temperature liquid, and the heat preservation is required, the insulation shell and the heating pipe must not directly contact with the sensor of the Coriolis Mass Flow Meters. Our company could provide the heat conduction specially designed for the Coriolis Mass Fow Meters Sensors. We could provide the steam heating, or the conduction oil heating.e could provide the steam heating or the conduction oil heating. (Should be ordered in advance)

6. The measured liquid should be at a suitable flow state. If the flow state of the liquid is not suitable under the natural environmental conditions, then the external improvement is required. It could be used to regulate the temperature of the fluid (heating/ cooling temperature), to make the current fluid to be at the right flow state.

7.Installation Direction: Please make sure that the direction of fluid flowing through the pipeline is the same direction with the arrow on the nameplate of Coriolis Mass Flow Meter.

8. The serial number of the sensor and the transmitter should be a one-to-one correspondence. The change or replacement may cause the measurement error of the Coriolis Mass Flow Meters.

China Supplier for Qualified Coriolis Mass Flow Meters:
Silver Automation Instruments
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