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Instrumentation and Automation Engineering Technology Application Progress Conference Held

By the China Instrument Society Product Information Working Committee hosted the instrument and automation engineering technology application of new progress (Beijing) exchange, August 14 at the Beijing Grand Hotel was held.

China Petrochemical Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. (Sinopec SEI), China Metallurgical Caidi Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., the control technology company, Emerson Electric Company, Siemens AG, Enders House Flow Technology Co., Ltd. and other well-known domestic and foreign engineering companies , Design institute, automation vendors nearly 300 representatives attended the event.

In the morning of the "International Engineering Demand and Development Forum", the control technology company overseas business director Tang Huiquan and Sinopec SEI deputy director Ye Xiangdong and other experts on the automation of international engineering project experience, how China's engineering design enterprises to adapt to international market demand, domestic Foreign engineering companies, automation companies how to further cooperation and jointly explore the international market and other topics to start a lively discussion.

In the afternoon of the forum, the experts around the "post-DCS era who ups and downs," the topic of DCS technology on the future direction of development, after the DCS era of new control technology development, fieldbus, wireless instrumentation and other technological progress, trends and other exchanges, , A common vision of the future of automation technology development.

Among them, at the conference, the controller, as the forerunner of the international market development of China's automation enterprises, has shared the experience and experience of international projects in recent years, especially in large-scale MAC projects, and discussed the international projects Characteristics, the implementation of norms, progress and planning control, the role of contractors and precautions, and look forward to working with domestic and foreign leading engineering companies, design institutes to work together to continuously improve the overall level of China's automation enterprises to jointly explore the international market.
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