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Factors Impacting the Developing of Intelligent Water Meter in China Market

Most intelligent water meter manufacturers in China are in the southern parts of China, such as Guangdong, Fujian, Henan and other provinces, while in north regions of China, still exists some instruments manufactures, such as in Beijing, Hebei, Shandong and other regions. As the time goes on, these water flow meter manufacturers draw on a large number of practical instruments application experience ,continuously improve the instrumentation production process, and introduce advanced and stable sensor technology from abroad. Instrument production has leapfrog development

In 2017, China's intelligent water flow meter industry produced about 22.55 million units, imported about 25,000 units, exported about 248,000 units, and the consumption of the industry was about 223.27 million units. The balance of supply and demand of China's intelligent water meter industry in recent years is shown in the following figure:
China's intelligent water meter industry

Factors influencing the development of water meter market
1.The market demand continues to expand
National recognition of sewage treatment and control, the implementation of the reclaimed water and direct drinking water supply work, "the new rural construction" to push for the work of rural water supply, the water supply and drainage user expectations of high measuring accuracy level meter and the market for remote meter reading and billing management system requirements, such as for water metering instruments products put forward higher requirements and greater demand. In recent years, the country has strengthened the energy management of heating and heating in north China. The global water meter industry is shifting to China, and domestic key enterprises will undertake more product development and manufacturing tasks.

2.The industry's overall development foundation is weak
Generally speaking, compared with developed countries, China's water meter industry is still relatively weak. There are many products that occupy the market with price advantage; fewer companies with strong comprehensive strength, fewer products with higher added value and fewer differentiated products, and fewer products with independent intellectual property rights. From a global perspective, China is still only a big country in the manufacture of water meters, and it is not a strong country in the manufacture of water meters.

3.Industry technology innovation is insufficient
Instrumentation industry lacks innovation ability and talents, industrial level is backward, and key raw material defects.In terms of small size water meters, China is close to the international advanced level, but the profit margin is not large; in terms of large size water meters and “smart water meters”, there are still gaps with international advanced enterprises in terms of design, manufacturing and product performance

4.The national water-saving policy
As global water resources become increasingly scarce, governments around the world have strengthened their comprehensive utilization and protection of water resources. They have attached great importance to measures such as the management of water consumption and the control of water price. Intelligent water meters are widely used in key water-saving projects, realizing the measurement, control, monitoring and management of domestic tap water, which is conducive to improving the comprehensive utilization rate of water resources and establishing the awareness of saving water.

5.The industry standards are not complete
China's water meter market lacks national uniform quality standards, resulting in “low quality and low price” instruments and meters impacting the “high quality and high price” product market. At present, China's water prices are low. Many water supply companies simply pursue low-cost water meters and have a negative impact on the healthy development of the water meter market. While most advanced countries strictly control the trading of water, and water meters, and regulate the water meter market.

6.Some Cities Promote Intelligent Water Network Construction
The construction of intelligent water network has quietly emerged and gradually evolved into an important support for smart city infrastructure. At the same time, smart cities have brought huge investment opportunities to the construction of smart water networks. According to research data from the China Instrument Association, it is estimated that the size and investment of the IT market in the water supply sector will increase to US$16.3 billion in 2020. Although mechanical water meters are still the main phenotype in many second- and third-tier cities, and most of the urban tap water users use mechanical water meters, it is still difficult to update the smart meters with mechanical water meters, but the relevant public policies for smart water network construction management If it can be effectively implemented and implemented, the promotion of smart water network construction, including smart water meters, will be further strengthened.
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