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Yokogawa Introduced the First Touch-Screen Paperless Recorder

Recently, YOKOGAWA (Yokogawa Electric) announced the launch of SMARTDAC in the first touch-screen paperless recorder - GX series. As a new generation of recorders, GX series has a high degree of operational and scalability, in 2013 began in the Chinese market in the official market.

Development background
Recorder is widely used in various industries and R & D units, mainly used to collect, display and record temperature, voltage, current, flow and pressure and other data. All along, YOKOGAWA is one of the world's leading supplier of recorders. Recorder market has two major trends, one from paper records to digital records, one is the rapid expansion of computer networks. These two changes make it possible for centralized management and monitoring of data. Wherever the recorder is used, the operator can centrally manage and monitor all the data stored in the recorder.
With significant improvements in tablet PCs, smartphones and other mobile terminal user interfaces, operators want similar features to record instruments and other instruments to improve the ease of use of these instruments. In addition, the operator is also concerned about the recorder input and output modules can be flexible configuration, whether to meet the various types of applications and can improve the network connection performance and so on.
YOKOGAWA DATA COLLECTION AND CONTROL SYSTEM The GX series in SMARTDAC has a user interface similar to that of an intelligent mobile terminal, which is simple and convenient to operate, and is relatively flexible and has good system scalability. These features can meet the requirements of the operator on the recorder.

1. Simple and intuitive navigation
The user interface uses a touch screen, similar to the latest tablet and smartphone, to ensure navigation is simple and intuitive. As long as the fingers slide, you can slide the same as the rolling paper waveform image, easy to view the historical data. To read the value of a specified position on a waveform image, simply drag the scale to that position. The waveform image can be scaled by multi-touch gestures. Resistive touch screen can even support instruments with gloves.
2. Has a high degree of flexibility and scalability of the system configuration
By selecting the appropriate input / output module, you can easily configure the input / output section for a specific measurement task. The GX20 has a large touch screen that can hold up to 10 modules or 100 input / output channels. The GX10 touch screen is small, up to 3 modules or 30 channels can be installed.
3. Open network
The GX recorder supports the Ethernet international LAN standard and can be monitored and configured via IE. In addition, all logger data can be managed with a file server via FTP. At the same time, these recorders also support Modbus protocol, you can share data with Modbus compatible devices. The GX series can also create and export screen shots, write reports in the specified format, and export them as PDF files.
4, mobile web application support
Through the installation of Apple or Andrews system of smart phones and tablet PCs, you can easily view the GX waveform and real-time data, so that everything is in your control.

※ Note: Both products have SD card slot.

Main target market
Metallurgy, petroleum and petrochemical, heat treatment, industrial furnace, food and medicine, rubber and plastics, new energy.

Collect, display and record temperature, voltage, current, speed, pressure, flow and other data.

Product development prospects
SMARTDAC is an abbreviation for intelligent data acquisition and control. In addition to the GX Series Paperless Recorder, the SMARTDAC system introduces other series of products, input modules for various signal sources, and output modules for control applications. Thus, support for a wide range of data acquisition and control applications, such as monitoring of production processes, performance evaluation, and so on.
Recorder market is expected to continue to expand, the growth point is mainly concentrated in the paperless recorder. As a leader in the recorder market, YOKOGAWA will continue to develop SMARTDAC system of new products, as always, to respond to the various needs of customers.

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