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Advantages and Disadvantages of Magmeter

Magmeter flow meter is an inductive instrument to measure the volume flow of conducting medium in the pipe, which is based on the faraway law of electromagnetic induction. Structurally, magmeter flow meter is composed of the sensor which has an indirect contact with the medium of the pipe and signal converter that is on the top. It has been commonly used in technology and administration section including chemical industry、environmental protection、metallurgy、paper making、water supply and drainage, etc.

The main advantages of magmeter flow meter:

(1) The output of magmeter flow meter is only proportional to the mean flow rate of measured medium, while it does nothing with flowage in the symmetrical distribution(laminar and turbulent flow). So the rangeability of magmeter flow meter is extremely wide, and the range ratio can be up to 20:1 and some can reach 100:1.

(2) The range of Industrial mag meter's caliber is very wide, varying from a few millimeters to a few meters. What’s more, there is streaming checkout equipment in our nation whose caliber is up to 3 meters. Because of it, it lays a solid foundation for the application and development of magmeter flow meter.

(3) The structure of mag meter’s sensor is a bit simple. There is no movable component within the pipe, nor any throttling part to stop the flow of fluid. Thus, when the fluid passes through the flow meter, it can not cause any additional pressure loss, which is proved to be one of the minimum running energy instruments in the flow meters.

(4) Magmeter flow meter has no mechanical inertia, which has a quick response and can measure the instant pulsing flow. In addition, it can measure the flow both in positive and negative directions.

(5) It can measure smudge medium、corrosive medium and the flow rate of suspending fluid and solid in two phases. This is because there are no moveable parts stopping the flow in the pipe, and the measured fluid just has contact with the lining and electrode within the pipe. Moreover, its material can be chosen according to the property of the measured fluid. For example, to use trifluoro ethylene and Teflon as lining can measure all kinds of corrosive media such as acid、akali and salt. To take advantage of abrasive rubber as lining can be the best one to measure the pulp and grout which are rigid granules and large tear and wear of suspending fluid and solid in two phases and turbid liquid like various fibers、liquid and pulps.

(6) The magmeter flow meter is a measuring instrument aiming at volume flow. During the process of measurement, it will not be affected by the temperature、dynamic viscosity、density and conductivity ( in the certain range) of the medium. Therefore, mag meter can measure the flow of other electrical liquid after the water calibration.

The main disadvantages of mag meter

(1)It can not be used to measure gas、stream and the liquid containing lots of gases

(2)It can not be used to measure the liquid medium which has very low conductivity, including petroleum products' media and organic solvents'media. At present, magmeter flow meter is not able to do this.

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