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Model Selection of Flow Meter

Nowadays, flow meter has been an indispensable measuring instrument in industry. The model selection of flow meter becomes an important problem that needs to be paid attention by manufacturers and customers. If choosing the right flow meter, it will save you a lot of work. Here Silver automation Instruments will introduce some aspects of the model selection of flow meter:

The general principles towards model selection of flow meter will include several factors: performance requirements of flow meter、flow characteristics、installation requirements、environments、the prices of flow meter.

Flow characteristics are the physical properties about flow meter measuring fluid which need to be provided by customers. This text is mainly talking about the fluid parameter of flow meter: corrosiveness of medium;the temperature of medium; dielectric medium;pulsing; interfusion of foreign matters

1.Corrosiveness of medium:

We should pay attention to the materials of flow meter according to whether the fluid owns corrosiveness or not.

2.The temperature of the medium:

Because the volume of liquid will change as the temperature changes, so when it comes to using the requirement of high—accuracy survey, we has to use a temperature compensating device.

3.Dielectric medium:

Varieties of flow meters will be affected by viscosity with different degrees, so we have to care for the high dielectric fluid.


We should consider reducing pulsing in the pipe due to the influence that volumetric flow meter can usually be subjected to easily.

5.Infusion of foreign matters:

We can remove the foreign matters by applying the filter. But if it is unavoidable to be infused by the foreign matters, we have to pay much more attention when we use a volumetric flow meter. Only we offer accurate fluid properties、installation conditions、installation requirements and flow meters can manufacturers provide the customers with the most suitable flow meters.

Model selection of flow meter

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