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Schneider Electric Together With Krohne To Build Automation And Instrumentation Program

France, May 15, 2012 Global Energy Efficiency Specialist Schneider Electric has announced a strategic partnership with pioneer KROHNE in the field of international measurement to provide customers with the Synergy Automation System at Schneider Electric and Cologne instrumentation equipment as the core of the overall solution. Schneider Electric's open systems and KROHNE's customized instrumentation equipment will provide customers with easy-to-integrate, integrated solutions and help them increase production, optimize production processes and achieve energy efficiency.

"The cooperation between Schneider Electric and KROHNE i is based on the common values of both sides to provide customers with streamlined, innovative and market-oriented products, and we believe that by virtue of Schneider Electric's energy efficiency management," said Cyril Prortat, Chief Technology Officer, Schneider Electric Industries. And professional experience in industrial automation, as well as KROHNE 's scientific design and rigorous production management of all instrumentation solutions, we will bring more benefits to our customers. "

"The combination of KROHNE 's leading instrumentation equipment and the Schneider Electric PlantStruxure® will provide a huge synergistic effect to help customers increase their revenue while helping them cope with the process of automating," said David Orgaz, vice president of process automation and systems automation systems. And the challenges faced in the energy management process. "

"This is a significant strategic partnership for KROHNE, and we have reason to believe that KROHNE 's experience in engineering has coupled with the experience of Schneider Electric PlantStruxure," said Michael Dubbick, co-president of KROHNE Group. Kelon is committed to building a long-term partnership to achieve its own sustainable development, which is an excellent reflection of our strategy. " KROHNE is committed to the establishment of long-term partnership to achieve their own sustainable development, this cooperation is an excellent embodiment of our strategy.

"The KROHNE professional sales and service team will bring more value to Schneider Electric customers and we look forward to more industries such as oil and gas, water treatment, food and beverage, metallurgy, and metallurgy," said Stephan Neuburger, co-president of KROHNE Group. , Mining, etc. In these markets, KROHNE can not only provide customers with professional standard applications, but also provide innovative and customized instrumentation equipment solutions.

Schneider Electric PlantStruxure ™ Collaborative automation control system can help customers achieve energy efficiency, improve production capacity goals. It creates a platform environment for process control to energy management across the plant, measuring and analyzing energy use, production process data, asset utilization, and machine performance to achieve overall plant optimization. KROHNE provides a means of measurement and analysis of data such as flow, level, pressure, and temperature for the PlantStruxure® to provide the information needed in the production process in the areas of solid, liquid and gas to optimize production.

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