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The National Instruments (NI) Developing in the Thai Market

Recently, the US National Instruments (NI) bullish in Thailand market, including hard disk drives, electronics, electricity and oil and gas industry opportunities increased significantly, which marks the company to open up the Thai market in the first 10 years. US National Instruments Corporation NI Thailand new office opened, the new office will be used as NI's local customer service program and industry-leading technical training center.

It is reported that since the United States National Instruments opening of the Thai market in 2002, NI's business in Thailand has grown, the opening of new offices, and customers and high-growth industry partners to carry out more close cooperation. Asia-Pacific region accounted for about 90% of the global total revenue of NI companies. NI said it will continue to expand the region's markets, especially in developing countries such as Thailand.

Thailand is the second largest country in Southeast Asia after to Indonesia in economic development. Despite the devastating floods that took place last year, Thailand has achieved positive results in the first quarter of 2012. NI is one of the world's leading partner companies such as Sony Technology Inc. (Thailand), one of Southeast Asia's largest auto parts manufacturers, the Thai Summit Autoparts Industry, Seagate Technology (Thailand) and PTT Public Limited, as well as large multinational companies and local Automotive, energy, oil and gas sector important market participants.
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